My Hero Academia — All For One: All Known Quirks

A complete list of All For One’s Quirks!

by Areeba Khan
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My Hero Academia’s central antagonist, All For One or Shigaraki, has been alive for more than a hundred years. Aiming to conquer the world, he spent this time collecting and giving away Quirks. It’s difficult to say just how many Quirks the Symbol of Evil has stolen and given away throughout his lifetime. But there are certain Quirks he’s chosen to hold on to. Keep reading for a complete list of All For One’s known Quirks!

Beware spoilers for My Hero Academia anime and manga.

All Known All For One Quirks

Shigaraki’s original Quirk All For One lets him steal and redistribute other people’s Quirks by touching them, leaving them Quirkless. As a result of this ability, Shigaraki managed to collect at least 37 Quirks other than his original one. Let’s cover all the known Quirks he possesses below!

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SearchStolen from Ragdoll, Search lets All For One simultaneously track the location, weak points, and more of up to 100 people.
RivetCreates rivet-like growths on the user’s arm.
WarpingProduces a thick black liquid that can be used to teleport the user and others.
HypertrophyIncreases the size of the user’s arms.
Impact RecoilReflects the impact of any attack back on the assailant.
MultiplierMultiplies the user’s number of arms.
Springlike LimbsLets the user coil their limb muscles to enhance physical strength and boost other Quirks.
Rivet StabPiercing black and red tendrils arise from the user’s body.
Air CannonProduces shockwaves from the user’s arms.
Forced Quirk ActivationForcefully activates a conscious or unconscious target’s quirk.
Spearlike BonesCreates drill-like bone structures on the user’s arm.
Impure BeamUnleashes an extremely destructive beam of light.
Fierce WingsPreviously Hawks’, Fierce Wings grants All For One a pair of bright red wings.
Hardflame FanAllows the user to create a defensive wall of flame.
Radio WavesInterferes with radio waves, disrupting communicators.
Life ForceGives the user a supernaturally long lifespan.
InfraredLets the user use infrared rays to sense his surroundings.
Kinetic BoosterIncreases the amount of kinetic energy created and released by the user.
Brawn BoostIncreases the user’s physical strength.
Antigen SwapAllows the user to change their blood type.
Dark BallCreates offensive dark energy balls.
BloodletLets the user expel and retract all the blood in their body.
BloodcurdleOriginally Stain’s, Bloodcurdle lets the user paralyze anyone whose blood they ingest.
Unnamed Vibration Detection Quirk
Ability to detect vibrations to compensate for lost vision and hearing.
Unnamed Glue Quirk Produces a glue-like substance capable of instantly joining together broken parts.
Unnamed Mouth QuirkMorphs the user’s hand into an offensive mouth.
Unnamed Ooze QuirkProduces muck-like substance capable of dissolving large areas.
Unnamed Razor Blade Quirk Creates crescent shaped razor blades.
Unnamed Telekinesis QuirkLets the user levitate objects with their hand.
Unnamed Mind Control QuirkLets the user control people’s actions by touching their heads.
Unnamed Lie Detector QuirkUser can detect lies and ill will.
Unnamed Levitation QuirkUser can levitate in the air.
Unnamed Spatial Distortion QuirkAllows the user to manipulate the space around them.
Unnamed Black Lightning QuirkAllows the user to shoot black lightning bolts.
Unnamed Body Appendages QuirkProduces wing-shaped appendages from the user’s back.
Unnamed Repulsion QuirkGenerates repulsion rings to increase the user’s speed.
Unnamed Hardening QuirkAllows the user to significantly harden their skin.

Keep in mind that this list doesn’t include the Quirks we’ve already seen All For One give away like Air Walk, Mole, etc. And he may have others we have yet to see in the anime or manga.

- This article was updated on October 12th, 2023

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