Attack on Titan: Who Does Jean Kirstein End Up With?

Does Jean have a confirmed relationship?

by Areeba Khan
Attack on Titan: Who Does Jean Kirstein End Up With?
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Jean Kirstein was shown to hold romantic feelings for Mikasa Ackerman since Attack on Titan’s first season.

With the last few panels of the manga depicting a woman resembling Mikasa visiting Eren’s grave with a man resembling Jean, fans couldn’t help but speculate if Jean ends up with Mikasa.

The anime limited that scene to a still during the mid-credits, allowing for a much more ambiguous interpretation. But that still leaves the question, who does Jean end up with in Attack on Titan’s ending? Let’s answer this below!

Beware of spoilers for Attack on Titan anime and manga.

Does Jean End Up With Anyone in Attack on Titan?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a confirmed relationship status for everyone’s favorite horse face, Jean Kirstein. There is a lot of speculation about him ending up with Mikasa based on the aforementioned scene where a child and a man with light-colored hair in the same hairstyle as Jean accompany a woman believed to be Mikasa to Eren’s grave. 

Others speculate that the man is not Jean and instead is just some unnamed male character whose only significance to the series is as Mikasa’s husband. While still more argue that the woman may not be Mikasa or the man with her may be just a friend instead of her husband. There are even those who believe the man to be Armin, as the anime version of the scene shows him sporting blond hair.

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Who Could Jean End Up With?

The first and most obvious choice is Mikasa, as it’s clear Jean used to be interested in her. When Armin, Reiner, Jean, Connie, Pieck, and Annie sail to Paradis as ambassadors of peace negotiations, Jean is seen repeatedly fixing his hair. He gets teased for it and replies he wants to look good for the school girls reading history books. But given that the group is on their way to Paradis where Mikasa lives, it’s completely possible a part of him still wants to look good for Mikasa.

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Other than Mikasa, there is some speculation that Jean could end up with Pieck as his first compliment to Mikasa was on her long dark hair, a trait Pieck also exhibits. He was even shown to care for Pieck’s wellbeing when the two fought together against the Rumbling. Although there is no official confirmation of a relationship between the two. 

Finally, we can’t dismiss the possibility of Jean remaining single forever or ending up with some unnamed female character. Jean repeatedly expressed a desire to start a family and live a peaceful life, so perhaps he was able to meet someone down the line to fulfill that dream.

- This article was updated on November 9th, 2023

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