Baki Hanma: Who is Pickle?

Pickle is among the most bizarre fighters in Baki Hanma

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Baki Hanma is a show with many mind-boggling characters. This long-lasting series has everything from a man capable of killing anyone with a single blow to humans so resilient that they are nigh-invulnerable. However, there is one fighter who has been the talk of the fandom since he was first introduced, the primal and powerful Pickle.

Even among the bizarre characters Baki Hanma has to offer, Pickle stands out for his looks, his backstory, and his superhuman abilities. Below, we will discuss who the enigmatic Pickle from Baki Hanma is, as well as what his contributions to the show are.

Beware of spoilers below for Baki Hanma.

Who is Pickle in Baki Hanma?

Screenshot: TMS Entertainment

Pickle is a perfectly preserved ancestor of humans who lived during the Cretaceous era. He was found inside a saline rock formation, which is where his nickname Pickle comes from. He is a massive humanoid creature who vastly surpasses most humans in strength, agility, and resistance. Yet, his mind is not as developed as a modern human, so he tends to act like an animal most of the time.

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Despite this, he does seem to possess an honor code, showing respect to all the fighters who faced him without showing any fear. In a show with a vast selection of unrealistic warriors, Pickle is by far the weirdest and with the most superhuman abilities.

What are Pickle’s Skills?

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As a precursor to humans, Pickle can stand and walk on two legs, although he prefers to move on all fours. He has a hard skin and muscle mass several times thicker than a regular human. Even after being shot point-blank, Pickle was mostly unharmed, with only a few minor cuts appearing on his body.

He is also extremely powerful, capable of killing a T-Rex during his time in the Cretaceous Period. A few of Pickle’s hits can instantly knock out even the most resilient humans. Surprisingly, Pickle also possesses an outstanding imagination, which can help him come out with primitive combat strategies. Sadly, he is not trained in any martial arts, so his moves can be easily telegraphed.

What is Pickle’s Role in Baki Hanma?

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Pickle is a character mostly used to shock and entertain fans. With his animalistic behavior and overpowered abilities, he is the perfect opponent to either utterly defeat a character to make them realize how weak they are, or use him as a tool to prove how powerful a fighter can be. When Pickle is fighting in Baki Hanma, you know this is a battle worth watching.

Woefully, his origins can also turn him into a controversial character, as he does not know how to act around humans. There have been various moments in which Pickle has acted in ways that would be considered immoral by today’s standards.

- This article was updated on September 11th, 2023

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