10 Best Anime Goth Girls of All Time

Who are the best anime goth girls?

by Areeba Khan
10 Best Anime Goth Girls of All Time
Image: Troyca

Anime girls may be better known for their colorful characterizations and bubbly personalities but there is one group of anime girls that defies this classification: goths. The popularity of anime goth girls makes a lot of sense considering the rise of gothic Lolita fashion in Japan. Keep reading for a complete list of the best anime goth girls of all time!

10 Best Anime Goth Girls

Homura Akemi

Image: Shaft

A gothic magical girl from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Homura Akemi is goth personified. Her magic girl outfit features muted tones and dark colors like gray, purple, and black. She is also sometimes seen with a red accent to her look in the form of a bright red hair ribbon or eyeglasses.

Other than how her entire character design is a mix between dark academia and Lolita Goth, Homura’s personality is also quite gothic. She is comfortable with death and gore and generally comes across as a stoic, distant person with an air of mystery about her.

Celestia Ludenberg

Image: Lerche

Danganronpa’s Celestia Ludenberg is the very definition of gothic Lolita. Her regular outfit comprises a fancy black blazer and white button paired with a poofy, Lolita skirt adorned with frills and lace. She also wears a lace headpiece, over-the-knee stockings, and a red tie. Her red eyes and long curly pigtails further complete her look.

A notorious liar, Celestia’s personality is a bit difficult to pin down (even her name is a lie). Her general appearance is that of a cold, uncaring character who is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants and isn’t put off by murder and death.

Hannah Annafellow

Image: A-1 Pictures

The demon maid of Black Bulter’s Trancy household, Hannah is a tall curvy woman with a mature gothic style. Her maid outfit has some clear goth Lolita elements to it, with an indigo dress, white apron, and frilly plate cap. Her other outfits are also all black and regularly paired with goth elements like gloves or thigh-high boots.

Quiet and introverted, Hannah has a deep devotion to her master Alois Trancy. Usually appearing nervous and fearful, she shows a more confident side of her personality in her fights with Sebastian and the other characters of the series.

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Dead Master

Image: Ordet Sanzigen

Black★Rock Shooter’s antagonist Dead Master is a perfect blend of gothic, demonic, and regal. Yomi Takanashi’s ‘other self’, Dead Master, is usually seen wearing a plain but frilly black dress with white accents, matching bottoms, and a transparent green veil. Her look further stands out thanks to her green skeletal horns, equally skeletal wings, and large green-tipped gloves.

Her personality also differs from her other self. While Yomi is a shy and sweet girl, Dead Master’s personality couldn’t be more gothic. She’s melancholic and distant, with an army of skeletal undead to sell the look.

Sakurako Kujō 

Image: Troyca

A primary character from Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation, Sakurako Kujō proves you don’t need to be all dressed up to be a goth. Featuring long dark hair with straight bangs, the osteologist is typically seen wearing a plain white button-up with dark bottoms and shoes.

A calm, sarcastic, and somewhat aloof woman, Sakurako is passionate about both human and animal bones. Her house is where her goth personality shines through best. A shrine for her love of bones, her home decor features all kinds of animal skeletons.

Cirucci Sanderwicci

Image: Pierrot

A minor character from Bleach, Cirucci is an Arrancar with a unique goth Lolita look. Instead of the typical dark colors of goth fashion, she wears a short white dress with puffy sleeves and black trim paired with white long gloves, leg warmers, and black boots.

Her goth spirit also comes through her makeup and accessories. She has purple teardrops under her eyes to match her hair and lip and her hollow mask resembles a hairpin. Her personality is blunt, determined, and slightly sadistic. 

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Image: Bones

Pretty much the poster girl for sexy goth, Fullmetal Alchemist’s Lust features curly black hair and a voluptuous figure. She is most often seen in a long form-fitting strapless black dress paired with long gloves and boots. When blending in with ordinary humans, she wears other dark-colored looks.

A personification of one of the seven deadly sins, Lust’s personality is also pretty goth. She is perhaps the most sadistic of the homunculi, clearly taking pleasure in torturing her enemies. 

Re-l Mayer

Image: Manglobe

The protagonist of Ergo Proxy, Re-L Mayer is the dream adult goth. An investigator by occupation, Re-L is typically seen in an all-black outfit featuring fitted black jeans, a corset top, and a long black coat. 

Her makeup too is heavily inspired by the goth aesthetic, with blue eyeshadow and an otherwise muted color palette, a look highly reminiscent of Evanescence’s Amy Lee. Coming to personality, Re-L is intelligent, cold, and completely comfortable with death and gore thanks to her career.

Nana Osaki

Image: Madhouse

One of the two main characters in Nana, Nana Osaki features an iconic Goth-punk style. With short black hair and a slender figure, Nana’s typical style consists of fitted black tops, short skirts, leather jackets, fishnets, and boots. She also wears a lot of chokers and incorporates red accents into her look with lipstick and nail polish. 

The lead singer for the band, the Black Stones, Nana isn’t shy about her love of all things punk and goth. Despite this, she is a kind-hearted girl who’s a good friend to those she cares about.  

Misa Amane

Image: Madhouse

The most well-known of all anime goth girls, Misa Amane from Death Note is famous for her edgy gothic style. She is frequently seen wearing all black with cross jewelry, a gothic girl staple. Her style also includes other goth elements like chokers, lots of black lace, fishnets, tight corsets, and red accents. 

With no family and few real friends, Misa has an unhealthy infatuation with the series’ protagonist and first Kira, Light Yagami. In posession of the second death note, she decides to get Light’s attention by taking on the title of second Kira.

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