10 Best Shows Like Horimiya

Horimiya fans should definitely give these great anime a chance.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
Screenshot: Studio CloverWorks

The unexpected romance between the famous and talented Hori and the lonely Miyamura is hailed as one of the best romcom anime made in recent years. Not only does Horimiya have a truly relatable cast, but it also gives viewers both comedic and romantic moments non-stop.

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If you were left yearning for more romantic anime after watching Hori and Miyamura’s relationship develop, you have come to the right place. Below, we will talk about the best anime with themes and characters similar to those of Horimiya.

These Are the Best Shows for Horimiya Fans to Watch

10. My Dress-Up Darling

Screenshot: Studio CloverWorks

Gojou is a young man who loves creating and designing articles of clothing for his dolls. Through his hobby, he meets Marin, a beautiful girl who secretly enjoys dressing up as her favorite characters. Seeing how talented Gojou is, Marin asks him to help her create accurate and awe-inspiring costumes for her to wear.

What began as a simple partnership to enjoy their hobbies quickly became something more, as both teenagers began developing feelings for the other. Like Horimiya, My Dress-Up Darling is full of cute and hilarious moments with two young lovers who care deeply for each other.

9. Toradora!

Screenshot: Studio J.C. Staff

Having been born with an intimidating face, Ryuuji has been ostracized by his peers his whole life. One faithful day, as he walked alone through the school, the young man crashed with Taiga, a small but fierce girl the rest of the school feared dearly. Despite their rocky beginning, Ryuuji and Taiga decided to join forces to finally ask out the people they liked.

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While this seemed easy at first, seeing as their crushes were the other’s best friends, the situation quickly became difficult, as their relationship developed into more than a simple friendship. Horimiya fans will no doubt enjoy the drama, excitement, and wholesome moments that Toradora! has to offer.

8. Lovely Complex

Screenshot: Toei Animation

Risa and Otani are both high school students with self-esteem issues due to their height. Otani is the shortest boy in school while Risa stands taller than even most teachers. In the past, this has caused the pair to be at odds with each other. Yet, once they began to know each other better, they found how relatable the other’s problems were, beginning a beautiful friendship.

Slowly, they both begin to see the other as more than just simple friends and neither of them is against the idea of becoming more. Lovely Complex is a funny and wholesome show that will Horimiya fans hours of enjoyment.

7. My Little Monster

Screenshot: Studio Brain’s Base

The stoic and studious Shizuku’s world came upside down when she met the energetic and aggressive Haru. Not only did he confess to her after their first encounter, but he also proved to Shizuku that they were not so different. Both have a hard time understanding humans and their emotions and prefer to isolate themselves from the outside world.

Haru may be a bit annoying, but Shizuku surprisingly begins looking forward to meeting her new, and only, friend. Together, they both learn how to communicate with others, make new friends, and even discover the meaning of love. A chaotic show that will no doubt satisfy Horiyama fans’ need for a new romantic comedy.

6. Sasaki and Miyano

Screenshot: Studio Deen

After being saved from a band of bullies by the troublemaker Sakaki, Miyano finds himself being followed by the former. While at first, he found the other boy interesting, Miyano quickly became annoyed with Sasaki’s nicknames and insistence on speaking with him. Things only become more complicated once Miyano admits by mistake that he likes reading about gay romance stories.

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Instead of mocking him, Sasaki asks him to share some of these stories with him, becoming a fan of them as well. The boys bond over not just their love for gay romance, but also on how confronting the other’s presence is.  A touching romance that Horimiya fans should give a chance to.

5. Bloom Into You

Screenshot: Studio TROYCA

For as long as she can remember, Yuu has been yearning for a romance like the ones she has read about. Yet, when a boy declares his love for her, she finds that this is not what she wants. After a while, she concludes that she can understand love, but cannot feel it herself. Disappointed she enters high school hoping that this change will help her find her love.

On her first day, Yuu comes across the student council president, Touko, who expertly rejects a boy who confesses to her. Yuu immediately becomes interested in Touko, approaching to ask her for love advice. Horimiya fans will have to give this sweet and lovely romance story a chance to find out what happens next with Yuu and Touko.

4. Komi Can’t Communicate

Screenshot: Studio OLM

In a single day, the tall and elegant Komi went from the school’s new student to the most popular and beloved girl. Almost all her classmates are in love with her, despite how cold and distant he seems to be. In reality, Komi is not cold, she is simply an anxious girl who does not know how to speak with others.

Hitohito, the boy who sits next to Komi and has become public enemy number one for this, is knocked out one day, forcing Komi to take care of him. Once the boy wakes up, he quickly realizes why Komi does not speak and swears to help her make new friends. This show will give Horimiya fans the perfect combination of romance and comedy they are looking for.

3. Rascal does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Screenshot: Studio CloverWorks

Even though the world believes the Puberty Syndrome to be a myth, Sakuta is well aware of how real this condition can be. Many students in his school have been afflicted by this strange disease, like the once popular Mai. She used to be a celebrity among students for being a child actress.

Suddenly, Sakuta notices that his classmates seem to be ignoring her, despite the girl being dressed in a Bunny outfit. The boy realizes she has contracted Puberty Syndrome, and bows to help her get better, finding more girls with the same condition at the same time. A tragic but hopeful story about growing up, right up the alley for Horimiya fans.

2. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Screenshot: A-1 Pictures

Narumi is a clueless and clumsy girl who has been trying to keep her identity as an otaku hidden from the world. Sadly, her secret is brought to light on her first day at a new job when she discovers an old classmate, Nifuji, works there as well. He immediately outs her as an otaku to Koyanagi and Kabakura, two coworkers who also happen to share her interests.

Later that night, Narumi and Nifuji go out for drinks, a time the woman used to complain about her latest relationship. Surprisingly, Nifuji proposes to Narumi that they become a couple, seeing as they both find each other attractive and love otaku culture. This cute and awkward otaku romance will, without a doubt, give Horimiya fans hours of fun.

1. Tonikawa: Over the Moon For You

Screenshot: Studio Seven Arcs

Yusaki is a young man who wishes more than anything to be remembered by the world. He studies day and night to ace his exams and get into a good school. One night, as he walks home, his mind forgets his studies completely after falling in love with a beautiful girl walking down the street. He is so enamored that he does not see the truck coming his way, about to end his life.

Fortunately, the aforementioned girl saves him just at the last moment, walking away right after. Despite his injuries, Yusaki goes after her and asks her out. In another twist, the girl agrees to become his partner, only if he marries her. A romantic comedy that will keep Horimiya fans what will happen next.

- This article was updated on September 4th, 2023

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