Bleach: What Episode Does The Arrancar Arc Start?

Learn here what you need about what episode the Arrancar Arc begins on in Bleach!

by J.R. Waugh
Bleach Arrancar Arc Episode
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Bleach is a great anime to get into, now that its final arc is being adapted. The series has had hundreds of manga material and amassed a legion of fans and for good reason. It’s conceptually the darkest of the Shonen Big Three and creates quite an impressive world in which its fans can get lost. But if you’re getting into the series in time to catch up before seeing the Thousand-Year Blood War, you’ll want to know about the longest arc you’ll encounter. Here you’ll learn what episode the Arrancar Arc starts with in Bleach!

What Episode Does the Arrancar Arc Start on in Bleach?

The Arrancar Arc starts on Episode 110 (Season 6) in Bleach, running in 3 parts until Episode 167. It shows us the powerful Arrancar in Episode 111, powerful Soul Reapers who ventured into the realm of the Hollows with a power similar to that of a Shinigami by removing their masks. These enemies have telltale holes located in different spots of their bodies, varying from character to character, and serve as a major antagonistic group in Bleach.

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The Arrancar Arc is split into 3 segments:

  • Arrival (Episodes 110-131)
  • Hueco Mundo Invasion (Episodes 132-151)
  • The Fierce Fight (Episodes 152-167)

It’s in these arcs that we see these enemies posing a grave threat, as well as Ichigo’s inner Hollow being a deadly hindrance in battle. Numerous memorable encounters ensue in these 50+ episodes, including the escape from the Forest of the Menos, and several key developments happen for the main cast. It’s also after this point that the series enters a significant filler arc, something that was more common in anime from over a decade ago.

Arm yourself with this knowledge so you can prepare for the gorgeous adaptation of the finale Bleach arc, and be sure to check where you can stream it! If you’ve not checked out this series before, now’s a perfect time to do so!

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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