Does Aqua End Up With [Spoiler] in Oshi no Ko?

Does this controversial pairing happen in the series?

by J.R. Waugh
Does Aqua End Up With Ruby in Oshi no Ko
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Oshi no Ko is a manga and anime series that wears many hats, typical of an excellent Seinen series. At one point, it seems like an earnest commentary on the entertainment industry, which it very much is. At others, it’s a quirky take on reincarnation and how characters use their second chances to protect those they loved in the past life. But in some instances, these impulses are taken to extremes, with some heavily implied romance in the mix, including a particularly forbidden pairing. Does Aqua end up with Ruby in Oshi no Ko?

Does Aqua End Up Dating Ruby in Oshi no Ko?

As of Chapter 124, Aqua has not even entertained the thought of dating Ruby in Oshi no Ko. There are several factors that would make this problematic, such as the following:

  • Regardless of their past lives, they were reincarnated as twins in their current lives.
  • In their past lives, Aqua was a 30-year-old doctor to Ruby’s former 12-year-old past-life patient.
  • An incestuous coupling seems counter not only to the manga creator’s plans for the series but has been mocked throughout the series.

There is no reason to believe they’ll start dating even in the future. Despite the pair seemingly closer than ever in Oshi no Ko, Aqua sees this closeness as yet another way to support Ruby, who continues to push her way into stardom and past her trauma.

Who Does Aqua End Up With if Not Ruby in Oshi no Ko?

This remains to be seen. Despite readers being aware that the clearest point of romantic tension is that with Kana Arima, it’s uncertain how this will play out. After all, Aqua was still an adult in his previous life, and such topics make him uncomfortable, even despite dating Akane Kurokawa. However, even that was just for show.

Who Does Ruby End Up With in ONK?

This one is a bit of a trickier subject, as her previous life was more tragic. Dying before fully experiencing adolescence and adulthood, it’d be a crime for her not to find another pairing in the series, if at least so she’s not denied the chance in her new life. While her affection for Aqua is doomed from the start, she is an earnest and charming individual who surely will find somebody fitting for her.

But who’s to say, this is all fan-shipping anyway. While it’s a loaded question as to whether Aqua should end up with anyone, or who Ruby will fall for in Oshi no Ko, the fans are there one way or another, even in the case of the uncomfortable last few chapters and their many leaks.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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