How Many Quirks Does Deku Have in My Hero Academia? Answered

How many powers is Deku capable of using in My Hero Academia

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Izuku Midoriya, also known as the Hero Deku, is the protagonist of My Hero Academia. Despite having been born as one of the few Quirkless people in the world, meaning that he does not have a superpower, he is among the strongest characters in the show. This is due to his mentor, All Might, giving him a powerful Quirk, One for All.

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This Quirk was inherited by eight other users before it was passed on to Izuku, growing in strength and absorbing the powers of the previous users. As such, the real number of Quirks Deku possesses tends to be confusing. Below, you will find all the information you need to answer how many Quirks Deku from My Hero Academia has.

Beware of spoilers for My Hero Academia.

How Many Quirks Did Deku Inherit in My Hero Academia?

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In total, Deku has seven different Quirks, which he inherited from the Second to the Seventh users of One For All. However, the first Quirk is One For All itself, a power that was born from the fusion of the First user’s skill to pass Quirks to other people and the stockpiling ability his brother gave him. Besides the ability to give the Quirk to someone else, One For All gives the user a massive boost in strength, agility, speed, endurance, and resistance.

The other abilities are Gearshift, Fa Jin, Danger Sense, Smokescreen, Black Whip, and Float. In the beginning, Izuku had no access to these powers, as his connection with One For All was still not strong enough. As time has passed and he has gained more control over the Quirk, the other abilities have begun to manifest themselves.

How do Deku’s Other Quirks Work?

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Gearshift is the Quirk of the Second user, which grants Izuku control over the acceleration of objects or beings he touches. This is a very powerful but dangerous skill that is only used as a last resort. However, when used, Deku becomes nigh-invincible, with the ability to punch his opponents several times in seconds.

Fa Jin is a Quirk that stores kinetic energy for the user to release whenever it is needed. This energy can be used to increase strength and speed. Izuku used this ability in combination with Smokescreen, a Quirk that allows Deku to create smoke from his body to confuse Lady Nagant during their fight.

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Danger Sense, as the name may imply, alerts Deku about incoming dangers. However, the Quirk does not alert him about anything that could harm him, as it only activates against serious problems.

Black Whip is represented by a black tendril that moves along Deku’s arm and can extend itself like a rope. This Quirk is deeply connected to Izuku’s emotions, anger in particular. The young man can use this to grab objects from afar, capture his enemies, or move around the city as if it were a grappling hook.

Lastly, Float is a Quirk that grants its user the ability to fly or stay floating in the air, depending on which ability is needed at the time. This is the last Quirk found inside One For All, as All Might was born Quirkless just like Izuku, so he did not have a power for his successor to inherit.

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