One Piece Dub Schedule: When Can You Watch New Episodes in English?

Never miss a new batch of English dub episodes for One Piece!

by J.R. Waugh
One Piece English Dub Episode Release 2023
Image: Toei Animation

One Piece has one of the most tremendous backlogs in all popular fiction. With over 1000 episodes to its name and still going strong, the series thrives on its support. However, fans rely on the English dub, and fans are curious about what the 2023 schedule is for One Piece.

Full One Piece English Dub Anime Episode Release Date Schedule (2023) So Far

One Piece had a huge 2023 due to its massive catalog being centralized at Crunchyroll, bringing everything up to Episode 976 for the English dub on July 5. To say the schedule has been unpredictable since then is understandable. The dub is fairly behind, unlike many other trending anime of the present, but One Piece marches to the beat of its drum. Here is the episode release date schedule of 2023 for the One Piece English dub:

One Piece Anime English Dub EpisodesCrunchyroll Release Date
1-976July 5, 2023
977-988July 25, 2023
989-1000August 15, 2023
1001-1012September 19, 2023
1013-1024October 24, 2023
1025-1036December 12, 2023

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As Crunchyroll is the most approachable and, in all likelihood, most affordable option to watch One Piece in its most current form, this is so far the most reliable data. Batches of episodes seem to typically come by the dozen since the summer every 3-5 weeks. Additionally, the Microsoft Store is an earlier alternative, typically 3 weeks in advance of the Crunchyroll release. The latest batch should be labeled Season 1412 on the store, continuing beyond Episode 1025!

Anime NYC also confirmed for us that we’d get another batch of episodes on December 12 for the dub, so it looks like we’ll get one more fix before the New Year! As this is a developing story, we’ll keep you in the loop when new episodes are available, and when they can be anticipated to release for streaming!

- This article was updated on November 27th, 2023

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