Solo Leveling Anime Season 1: Episode 1 Release Date Window

Likely to be an instant smash hit with the viewers!

by J.R. Waugh
Solo Leveling Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date Window
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One of the biggest, most promising anime spectacles is imminent, and for manhwa fans, it’s possibly their most anticipated. Solo Leveling is getting an anime, so you might be wondering when you can watch the release of Season 1 Episode 1!

Solo Leveling Anime Episode 1: Release Date Window and Where to Watch

Solo Leveling will be released in January 2024, with the exact date TBD. It will headline the Winter 2024 anime lineup and will be available to stream on Crunchyroll. This is a developing story, so when more information is available about the precise release date of this show we’ll keep you posted, along with a countdown!

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Additionally, for lucky fans in Tokyo, Seoul, and Los Angeles, there will be a world premiere event with the earliest screening of Episodes 1 and 2. Tokyo and Seoul viewers will be able to watch on December 10, 2023, while LA viewers will see the screening on December 14. With the amount of passion, dedication, and impressive artistic collaborations in this, we’ll surely get a worthy adaptation of the beloved manhwa.

What Is Solo Leveling About?

In a world constantly threatened by monsters of increasing threat levels, hunters with special abilities must fight and defeat them to protect mankind. It’s a simple JRPG-inspired premise with modern trappings, but executed wonderfully thanks to excellent character development and worldbuilding.

The main character, Sung Jin-Woo (likely to be localized as Shun Mizushino per the Japanese translation) is an E-Rank hunter. Between barely surviving dungeon expeditions, he is eventually chosen by the enigmatic “System” to get abilities to level up in strength and create followers out of his enemies. The story proceeds from there as Jin-Woo/Shun explores dungeons, fights enemies, and discovers the secrets behind his powers.

What is the Solo Leveling Opening Theme?

Hiroyuki Sawano, who has composed for Xenoblade Chronicles X, Goddess of Victory: Nikke, and Attack on Titan, is collaborating with Tomorrow X Together for the opening theme, LEveL. It’ll feature Sawano’s compositions backing Tomorrow X Together’s K-pop beats perfectly suited for the modern take on a JRPG adventure.

- This article was updated on November 2nd, 2023

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