The Best Hunter x Hunter Watch Order, Movies Included

The definitive watch order for this classic anime.

by Areeba Khan
Hunter x Hunter cast
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One of the most popular Shonen manga of all time, Hunter x Hunter received its first anime adaptation in 1999. This version aired until 2003, totaling 92 episodes over its long run.

The series got a second anime in 2011 that ran until 2014 and totaled 148 episodes. This was essentially a reboot with better animation, so you don’t have to watch both series. But the franchise’s watch order can still be confusing thanks to its many OVAs and movies. Keep reading for the best Hunter x Hunter watch order, including the movies.

Hunter x Hunter Watch Order: All Episodes, Movies, and OVAs

Hunter x Hunter follows Gon Freecss, a young boy aiming to become a Hunter to find his Hunter father who left him at a young age. Hunters are elite, licensed professionals tasked with tracking down rare animals, treasures, and even lawless individuals. But getting a license is far from an easy task. To do so, one needs to pass the Hunter Association’s annual Hunter Examination, the chances of which are less than one in a hundred thousand.

The franchise consists of two anime seriesthree OVAs included in the original 1999 anime, and two non-canon movies that came out in 2013 while the 2011 anime was airing. As the two series are just remakes of each other with the 2011 version being more faithful to the manga, we highly recommend skipping the original 1999 series and its OVAs

Still, there may be those who want to watch everything in the Hunter x Hunter franchise, so we won’t exclude the original series from our recommended watch order below. 

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  • Hunter X Hunter (1999) – Episodes 1 to 62 
  • Hunter X Hunter: Spider OVA – Episodes 1 to 8 
  • Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island OVA – Episodes 1 to 8 
  • Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island Final OVA – Episodes 1 to 14
  • Hunter x Hunter (2011) – Episodes 1 to 148
  • Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge 
  • Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission 

As the two Hunter X Hunter movies are non-canon, you can watch them in any order you want, although it’s best to watch them after the 2011 anime to avoid spoilers. 

- This article was updated on November 21st, 2023

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