What is Garden in Spy x Family?

Who does Yor work for?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Most Spy x Family fans are aware of Yor’s reputation as the world’s greatest assassin. What many fans are not aware of, is that Yor did not obtain this title by working alone, as she is part of an organization known as Garden.

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This mysterious group has only been mentioned a couple of times in the show, leaving most fans wondering who and what their goals are. While not much has been revealed, Tatsuya Endo has made sure to sprinkle small details as to what this enigmatic organization is working towards throughout the manga. Below, you can find all the information about what is Garden in Spy x Family.

Beware of spoilers for Spy x Family.

The Identity of the Garden Organization in Spy x Family

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Garden is a group of Ostanian assassins that deals with traitors, terrorists, and those who threaten the peace of the country. They are in no way affiliated with Ostania’s government, which is why their members need to disguise themselves as regular citizens. Still, they are loyal to their nation and are willing to put their lives on the line to protect their compatriots.

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Only three members of this group have been introduced so far in the manga. The first one is the beloved Yor, who is the most skilled assassin in the organization. Next, is the boss, simply known as the Shopkeeper. Lastly, there is Matthew McMahon, who will be a key player in the Cruise Adventure arc.

Who is the Shopkeeper?

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Garden’s leader is an elder gentleman who can often be seen tending to his flowers. He is a calm and collected individual who rarely ever stops smiling. He claims that the goal of the assassin group he created is to keep the world a beautiful place, but nothing more about his objectives is known. His capabilities have not yet been shown, but we can deduce that he is a skilled assassin and a brilliant strategist.

Yor respects him immensely, exemplified by the fear she has of disappointing him in any manner. For now, his only role in the series is to give Yor missions and speak with the woman about possible targets. Yet, Endo seems to be implying that he will become an antagonist at some point in the series, as he has been shown to react negatively when Yor mentions her husband, the spy Loid Forger.

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