What is W.I.S.E. in Spy X Family?

The secret organization behind everything in the series.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Tatsuya Endo, the creator of the world of Spy X Family, created a world full of interesting and enigmatic organizations that work to keep the fragile peace between Ostania and Westalis intact. One of the most interesting groups in the series is W.I.S.E., the organization that Agent Twilight works for.

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This is one of the most important associations in the series, as most of its plot revolves around the missions given to Loid by his W.I.S.E. superiors. Fans of the show may not be too familiar with this group, as they try to keep their public presence to a minimum. Below, we will give fans all the information needed to know what W.I.S.E. is in Spy X Family, as well as what are their goals.

Beware of spoilers for Spy X Family.

A Guide to Spy X Family’s W.I.S.E.

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W.I.S.E., also known as the Westalian Intelligence Service’s Eastern Focus Division, is a secret branch of Westalis’ government in Spy X Family. They are tasked with keeping the peace between Westalis and Ostania safe, preventing everything from terrorist attacks to political uprisings. However, despite being located in Ostania, they look for Westalis’ interest above everything else.

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This is the organization to which Loid Forger, better known as Agent Twilight, belongs. It is thanks to this organization that Spy X Family even exists. They are the ones who tasked Loid with adopting Anya to help him infiltrate Eden Academy and get close to the nefarious Donovan Desmond.

How Does W.I.S.E. Operate?

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The agents of W.I.S.E. work in the shadows of Ostania, pretending to be regular citizens while doing their job. The Handler, a woman named Sylvia Sherwood, works undercover as an important member of the Ostanian government, which grants her access to confidential files. With her first-hand intel and the amazing investigative work of the organization’s agents, they can be prepared to take down any threats.

The agents are each given several missions, from taking down political figures who are looking to start a new war to arresting extremists who want to cause chaos. However, their best agent is without a doubt Loid Forger, who has been known for completing even seemingly impossible missions.

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