Who Is Aura the Guillotine In Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End?

Just who is the infamous Aura?

by Areeba Khan
Who Is Aura the Guillotine In Frieren: Beyond Journey's End?
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After a skirmish with Aura’s executioners, Episode 8 of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End saw Frieren on her way to finally confront the demon named Aura the Guillotine.

The show makes it clear this demon is one Frieren has fought before, but given that she’s still alive, viewers can’t help but ask, just who is Aura the Guillotine?

Who Is Aura the Guillotine?

First mentioned in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s Ends episode 7, Aura the Guillotine is one of the Seven Sages of Destruction. She is a petite demon with dark blue eyes, purple-pink hair, and a pair of long curving horns. Her hair is divided into three braids at her shoulder and her typical outfit consists of a dark blue bodice, opera gloves, a short white skirt, and a frilly pink cape attached to her waist.

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What is Aura’s Role in the Story?

Like most demons, Aura is also proficient in one type of magic to which she has dedicated her 500-year-old life, Submission Magic Auserlese. This is a particularly risky magic where she places her and her opponent’s soul into her Scales of Obedience

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The scales tip towards whoever has more mana or magical energy and he/she can then control the other as they see fit. This kind of magic would normally have a 50/50 chance of success, but with Aura’s gigantic mana reserves, there is almost a 100% chance she will always come out on top.

She uses this power to create an army of subjugated undead, with which she intends to take over Graf Granat’s Domain. She’s aided in this goal by her servants Lügner, Linie, and Draht.

Who Are The Seven Sages of Destruction?

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The Seven Sages of Destruction are a group of seven powerful demon mages who served the Demon King as his generals. We only know the names of four out of these seven mages, the Immortal BöseMiraculous GrausamMacht of El Dorado, and Aura the Guillotine.

The identity or abilities of the three other mages are unknown but since Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End’s manga is still ongoing, we may learn the remaining mages’ identities in the manga’s future chapters. 

- This article was updated on November 2nd, 2023

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