Who is Shinobu’s Husband in Demon Slayer?

Learn more about who becomes Shinobu's husband in Demon Slayer!

by J.R. Waugh
Shinobu Husband Demon Slayer
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Fan shipping is a tradition as old as fandom, and in Demon Slayer, it pays off for the most part. There are many relationships and surprising pairings by the end of the series, but fans might wonder how certain characters will end up. While fans might have glimpsed at some of the canonical relationships that play out, they might want to spoil themselves on who others will end up with. Who is Shinobu’s husband going to be in Demon Slayer?

Warning: Spoilers for Demon Slayer appear after this message.

Demon Slayer Shipping: Who is Shinobu’s Canon Husband?

Shinobu Kocho does not end up marrying anybody in Demon Slayer, although the fan community has certainly liked to ship Gyu Tomioka and Shinobu together. In all fairness, Giyu was rarely pleasant to any other Hashira, while taking an active interest in her well-being.

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There are certain indicators of at least a close friendship between the two, but there was also one significant obstacle between these two crazy kids getting together.

For those who haven’t read or watched Demon Slayer up to date, this is a spoiler warning, read ahead at your own risk!

Why Don’t Shinobu and Giyu End Up Together in Demon Slayer?

The main issue here is that Shinobu dies in Demon Slayer Chapter 143. Shinobu dies in the Infinity Castle Arc while fighting Doma, the Upper Rank Two demon. While it’s yet to be rendered in the anime, it’ll likely be soon such as in Season 4 if that happens.

That being said, this passing serves as an additional indicator of what Shinobu meant to Giyu, in that he was visibly distraught by her passing. He cared for her and this loss was a devastating one for him in particular. Whether this means a romantic or platonic connection is immaterial, but it’s certainly a connection that fans enjoyed seeing. However, Shinobu gets a happy epilogue, eventually being reincarnated along with her sister.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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