Will Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story Season 2 Have an Episode 13?

Are we going to see Episode 13 in Season 2 of Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story? Get all the latest updates and information about what's in store for this popular golf anime series.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering if Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story Season 2 will have Episode 13 or if the season is over? Birdie Wing Season 1 had 13 episodes, so it is natural that you are wondering if Season 2 will also. Things are heating up on the golf course for our favorite golfers as the showdown between Eve and Juha during the British Women’s Open Championship has come to be concluded.

Will Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story: Will There be an Episode 13?

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No, Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story Season 2 will NOT have Episode 13. “Resurrection Promise” is the twelfth episode of season 2 and the twenty-fifth episode overall of Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story. It is the last episode of Season 2 and concludes the British Women’s Open Championship between Eve and Juha.

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Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story Season 2 Recap

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** Warning – Everything Below this Considered Spoilers so Proceed at Your Own Risk! **

Eve and Aoi faced off against Kaoruko and Kuyou in the semifinal match. The match was neck-and-neck, with both teams tied after every hole until the 18th. However, during the match play, Kaoruko was determined to prove her former coach Amuro wrong by repeatedly using her ability, despite the potential consequences. The final match between Eve and Aoi and Mizuho and Kaede’s team took a surprising turn of events. While executing the Rainbow Shot, Eve discovers the truth about her parents, leaving Aoi in shock.

The All-Japan Girls High School Doubles Championship has concluded, and Eve and Aoi emerged victorious as champions. However, their joy is short-lived as a startling revelation surfaces – they share the same father but have different mothers, as detailed in a flashback from 20 years ago. After being deported from Japan, Eve travels to Nafrece where she visits her mother’s grave. While there, she encounters the butler who served her mother and gains insight into her past. Later, Eve takes on the challenge of playing against a highly-ranked pro golfer in the European Tour.

Ichina left Raiho Girls’ Academy and traveled to Nafrece to resume her role as Eve’s caddie. However, upon reaching there, she discovered that Eve had connections with the mafia and that her destiny would be decided during an underground golf tournament. The Japan Women’s Pro Tour is in progress, but Aoi faces difficulties after discovering that Reiya could be her biological father. Nonetheless, as Reiya recuperates, Aoi acquires a new golfing talent that matches Eve’s, reinvigorating her chances of success in the tournament.

The Japan Women’s Pro Tour concluded with Aoi closely competing with Reika and ultimately securing a first place on the final day. Aoi has become a professional golfer, while Amane hopes to continue accompanying her in the next Pro Tour. In the meantime, Eve reunites with her former mentor Leo and meets his new student Aisha in preparation for the upcoming European Women’s Pro Tour.

The Europe Women’s Pro Tour is in progress, but Eve seems to struggle on every hole despite utilizing her usual skills. However, the following day, she combines the techniques taught by her former master, Leo, and those passed down by her late father, Kazuhiko, to regain her position at the top of the leaderboard. She hopes to defeat Aisha and emerge as the champion of the tournament. Eve’s overreliance on her new skill puts her in danger, but she remains determined to compete on the tournament’s final day. Ignoring the warning she received, Eve unleashes her ultimate ability, surpassing even Leo’s capabilities.

Eve emerged victorious in the Europe Women’s Pro Tour, but unfortunately, she faced a setback when she collapsed and sustained injuries. She had to take a break from golf until she fully recovered. On the other hand, Aoi experienced another collapse, and upon diagnosis, she discovered that she had inherited her father Reiya’s illness, which could prevent her from ever playing golf again. However, with the help of Amane, Aoi was able to make a comeback and challenge Eve to a decisive golf tournament – The British Women’s Masters Tour.

The British Women’s Masters Tour is underway, with Eve, Aoi, and their new rival, Juha Hamilail, battling it out. As the tournament draws close, Aoi holds the lead, with Eve trailing behind and hoping to catch up. Unfortunately, an unexpected mishap awaits Aoi on the final hole. Aoi had to forfeit from the tournament, so she became Eve’s caddie for the last day of the British Women’s Masters Tour. However, the media exposed Eve’s connections with the mafia, risking her golf career. Despite this, the showdown between Eve and Juha reached a thrilling climax.

Eve finished at the top of the British Open with a total of 15 under, but it was Juha who won. In addition, The EET decided to strip Eve of her win and suspend her license for three years. After the Open ended, Eve just disappeared and never came back. The episode then fast forwards by three years where we see a familiar shot (Eve’s) almost take out a golf and his caddie. Faste forward another year and we see Aoi and Eve back together playing golf. Aoi says she is well enough to play golf again after a cure was found.

Will There Be a Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story Season 3?

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Season 3 of Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story has not been announced yet. However, we recommend you follow the official @birdiewing_tv Twitter page, as this is where the official announcement for Season 2 happened. The Twitter announcement for Season 2 happened within days of the Season 1 finale airing, so we suspect we will receive an announcement soon for Season 3. We will update this guide once we know more!

When is the Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story English Dub Release?

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Unfortunately, there are no plans to provide an English debug for Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story Season 1 or Season 2. This is because multiple round of English dub releases provided by Crunchyroll have not included this anime series. The latest announcement is Crunchyroll’s Summer 2023 English Dub, which doesn’t have Birdie Wing on its list.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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