Best Fallout Gift Ideas for Vault Dwellers of All Ages

Santa sends the gift... Of death! Eat lead!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you looking for the best Fallout gift ideas for the vault dweller in your life? Fallout has been our favorite post nuclear role playing game since the inception of the franchise in 1997 with the release of Fallout. So whether your vault dweller is from New California (Fallout 1 and 2), Captial Wasteland (Fallout 3), The Commonwealth (Fallout 4), the Mojave Wasteland (Fallout New Vegas), or Appalachia (Fallout 76), we have the best fallout gift ideas that won’t cost you a lot of caps.

Best Fallout Gift Ideas for Vault Dwellers of All Ages

The Fallout universe has given us some of the most memorable items, characters, and locations in video game history. We have narrowed down our five favorite gifts that span the Fallout franchises.

Fallout Vault 111 Dog Hoodie


The Fallout Vault 111 Dog Hoodie is the perfect gift for the vault dweller whose Wasteland companion is their four-legged friend. The dog hoodie features a ribbed waist and cuffs making it easy to fit different dog breeds. A leash hole allows for easy leash access. A hood to keep the puppy’s head warm on particularly cold days.

Fallout New Vegas 3D Printed Sign


The Fallout New Vegas 3d Printed Sign is perfect for any Fallout memorabilia display. New Vegas is the Fallout version of Nevada’s iconic Las Vegas strip. The sign stands 8 inches tall and comes in painted and non-painted variations. The painted variation is handpainted with enamel paints, so no two signs will look the same. The unpainted variation ships in pieces so your Vault Dweller can paint it and assemble it as they see fit.

Official Fallout Vault Boy Coffee Mug


The Vault Boy has been the Fallout mascot since the franchise’s inception. This 20 oz Vault Boy ceramic mug is a perfect gift for your vault dweller to drink a steaming hot cup of Slocum’s Joe before beginning their day in the Wasteland. This mug is also microwaveable and dishwasher-safe for easy use and cleaning.

Fallout Nuka Cola Quantum Mini Fridge


The Fallout Nuka Cola Quantum Mini Fridge is the perfect addition to any Vault Dweller’s game room. This mini fridge is a fantastic recreation of Nuka Cola containers found in-game. You have the choice of two colors: Nuka Red and Quantum Blue. It can hold up to six drinks, so your Dweller will always have Cherry Nuka Cola, Blackwater Brew, and Granny’s Tea in stock for those long gaming sessions.

Pipboy 3000


This Pipboy 3000 is a fully functional and wearable Pipboy that will have your Vault Dweller ready to take on the dangers of Appalachia. It is perfect for cosplaying as it fits perfectly on the wearer’s forearm with the included magnet and velcro system. In addition, it features a working touch screen and perfectly mimics the in-game Pipboy screens. You can even play the Pipboy radio to keep you entertained!

- This article was updated on November 18th, 2022

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