Every Fallout Game Ranked From Worst to Best

Find out which Fallout game ranks as the best of all time on our list!

by Shaun Cichacki


While war may never change, the Fallout series has seen a drastic shift since its original release. While it started as an isometric RPG, once the property was brought back to life by Bethesda, players were able to see the game in a whole new light and perspective, as it was brought into the first person.

Let’s take a look at all of these titles, and figure out which is the greatest Fallout game of all time, when it comes to writing, gameplay, and so much more. Here is our list of the worst and best Fallout games for you to play!

8. Fallout Shelter


While the novelty of building your own Fallout shelter was exciting at first, the gameplay started to wear thin quickly. As with many mobile titles, this game thrives based on the number of microtransactions that you can pump into the game, and you may find yourself stuck if you’re not willing to dump a few dollars worth of your hard-earned cash into this title. While it may be fun to experiment and play around for a bit, it doesn’t have a lot of staying power in the long run.

7. Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel


In 2001, gamers were expecting a little more out of their games, and while Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood Of Steel took the series in a bit of a new direction, it wasn’t enough to keep gamers occupied. Ditching the standard game type for a turned-based gameplay loop, players just didn’t seem to care much for this title. While it’s still fun in its own regards, it’s not the best that the series has had to offer, but it did introduce some great quotes into the franchise, keeping the series’ signature humor intact throughout its gameplay changes.

6. Fallout 1


As clunky as it is charming, Fallout introduced the world to its signature blend of isometric dungeon crawling, negotiation, and so much more. Players were enamored with this title back in the day, and while it is still interesting to see where this franchise started, it’s a hard sell by today’s standards. You’ll still find some of the best writing around in this title, so you may consider downloading it and giving it a go, as it could be exactly what you are looking for.

5. Fallout 76


While its launch may have been horrifyingly botched, Fallout 76 has started to make its way out of the vault on its own redemption tour. Originally launching with no NPCs to interact with, hoping that players would essentially make the world their own, many lambasted Bethesda for their poor handling of this new MMORPG entry in the franchise, but since its release, countless updates and expansions have made Fallout 76 quite a bit better than it was when it first came out. It still has plenty of room to go before gamers forget about those first few months, however.

4. Fallout 2


Taking everything that made the first Fallout great and improving upon it, Fallout 2 is definitely a bit better, even by today’s standards. One of those older RPG games that you don’t need to dive hundreds of pages deep into a lore book to understand how to properly play, you’ll be able to make your way around the wasteland in style with this game, so make sure that you’re ready to throw this one on your wishlist to pick it up the next time it goes on sale.

3. Fallout 4.


Coming out on a new generation of consoles, you’ll be able to experience the true power of, what used to be, the next-gen with this game. However, some of the charms of the franchise were starting to wear off by the time this entry came out, and with a story that was a bit more by the numbers than previous entries in the list, you may be wondering why it placed up so high? Well, because it’s fun as hell, and the gameplay of the series has never felt better. While the core experience may have been slightly tarnished, it’s hard to beat the open world that this game has to offer, even all these years later.

2. Fallout 3


Bringing the franchise into a new light, Fallout 3 revolutionized the series and brought it to the attention of a whole new generation of gamers. While the older gamers among us would have known about the intense dungeon crawling of the past, this new FPS RPG helped solidify a place for it in the history of gamers. As you made your way into the wasteland for the first time, from a new perspective, something changed forever and helped us fall back in love with the franchise.

1. Fallout New Vegas


With the help of Obsidian, Fallout New Vegas easily takes the top spot. Getting rid of the radioactive greens that plagued the world of Fallout 3, and bringing the world to life through creative writing choices and excellent story beats, it’s hard to find an RPG even today that can top New Vegas in the long run. Offering one of the most exciting and horrifying starts to a game, you’ll find yourself trying to find the man that shot you and left you for dead in this wasteland, as you make your way through an epic journey for the ages.

And there we have it, a list of the best Fallout games! If you’re one of the many that have gotten back into Fallout 76, make sure you’re checking out our Fallout 76 Guide section, where we cover a massive list of topics, especially for those that are just getting into the game. You’ll be able to find out how to craft many different weapons, as well as how to recruit new characters into your camp, so you can make sure that you’re continuing to grow as you play!

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