Fallout 76: How to Complete Ally – Crash Landing, How to Recruit Commander Daguerre

Lost in Appalachia.

by Brandon Adams
Fallout 76: How to Complete Ally - Crash Landing, How to Recruit Commander Daguerre

Fallout 76: Wastelanders introduces proper human NPCs to West Virginia, and a couple of them can be recruited as allies to your cause. Commander Daguerre is one such friend, though you’ll want to be above level 25 to effectively complete her quest.

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On the eastern side of the map you’ll receive Ally – Crash Landing after hearing a distress call.

Command Daguerre crash landed on the eastern edge of Appalachia, and heading towards that side of the map after around level 20 will trigger her quest. You’ll likely want to be a touch higher level than that though if recruiting her is your goal.


She is in The Mire, around the East Ridge Lookout. Many enemies here are level 22 or higher (even if you are the first person in the zone, thus forcing the game to scale to you), so you’ll want to be around level 25 with decent equipment if you don’t want this quest to be a royal pain. Head to the East Ridge Lookout then head south down the cliff-face to find the Abandoned Bunker. You don’t need to do anything crazy to get in, so head inside and work your way down towards the right to find Commander Daguerre injured near a generator.

You’ll talk with her for a bit, and after breaking the news about the war to her she will task you with grabbing her crashed ship’s flight recorder data. The ship is a short jaunt to the southwest, due west of Gulper Lagoon. Head that way to retrieve the flight recorder for Command Daguerre.

Once at the ship you’ll have to wait two minutes for the data to download, and during that time a handful of Super Mutants will assault you. The ship provides great cover from the regular mooks, but be warned a suicide mutant will rush you eventually, so be sure to have an exit strategy for when you hear the beeps.


After you finish that task and give the data to Commander Daguerre she will ask you to grab the encryption key from a nearby U.S.S.A. robot. She’ll pin it on the map for ya, and it will be just south of the Gulper Lagoon. It likes to move further south, so use your map to zero in on the robot.

Once you reach the Assaultron, Pandora, you’ll have to attack her for the key. Yes, you can talk to her; no, she doesn’t hand over the key peacefully. Her face laser will melt you, and she will rush you if you try and put some distance between the two of you. Either equip energy resistant armor, or roll in with some Power Armor and a potent melee weapon.

Once you have the encryption key return to Commander Daguerre. She’ll lament over the broken console in the bunker, and from here you get to invite her to your C.A.M.P.  Thing is, you’ll first need to build a command console for her. It’ll appear under a new Allies tab in your C.A.M.P. workshop, and it doesn’t cost anything to build. Just pick a location and plop it on down.

Do bear in mind you can only have one ally active at a time, to include their “station.” Whenever you want to help Commander Daguerre with her quests you’ll need to pack up any other ally’s station and replace it with hers. This will complete Ally – Crash Landing, and you can continue to assist Commander Daguerre from you C.A.M.P. Congrats, you now have an astronaut as a friend!

- This article was updated on April 14th, 2020

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