10 Rare Super Mario Collectibles You Need to Own

Are you on the hunt for some rare Super Mario collectibles?

by Gordon Bicker
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Super Mario has evolved greatly over the years but the spark of joy gained from playing through any of the games has never faded. As with any groundbreaking franchise, many people tend to want some real-world figurines and collectibles to go along with their love of the series. This article will take you through the rarest Super Mario Collectibles.

Rarest Super Mario Collectibles and Toys of All Time

10. Super Mario Bros. Coloring Book | Golden Books | 1989

Sometimes a collectible can either be something such as a figurine or even a book. This coloring book from 1989 based on Super Mario Bros. is extremely rare nowadays. Considering it went out of print, it can be very difficult to get your hands on one. It would be likely that those who do may not even color the pages due to their rarity.

9. Super Mario Plastic Modeling Kit | BANDAI | 1986

These types of kits are not massively common in current times, especially for the Mario franchise. The Plastic Modelling Kit from 1986 lets people create their own Mario models. There are even Lakitus and flowers to add to your collection. This specific kit is rare today and mostly everywhere you will notice it is out of stock. eBay will likely be your best bet for trying to find one of these.

8. R/C MicroSizers Mario Kart | Hobbico/Tomy Co. Ltd. | 2003

RC toys were all the rage back in the late 80s to the early 2000s and for good reason too. There were endless amounts of fun you could have while racing your cars around the rooms of the house or apartment. R/C MicroSizers Mario Kart combines everything you love about RC racing but incorporates it with the Mario Franchise. You can also put some parts together so it doubles up as another modeling kit in a way too.

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7. Super Mario World Crane Game | Epoch Games

Crane games are excellent fun and there are even some Mario versions you can add to your collection. Specifically, the Super Mario World Crane Game from Epoch Games is one of the rarest. The box has a great design on the outside and will appeal to any shelf that you were thinking of having it on. Of course, you may actually choose to play the Crane game itself if you want to open the box.

6. Super Mario Galaxy DX Sofubi Flying Mario Figure | Banpresto | 2009

The figure hunters around will be pleased to know that there are indeed some much rarer Mario figures to collect. One such version is the DX Sofubi Banpresto Super Mario Galaxy figure. This is a roughly nine-inch figure that showcases Mario in a flying form — directly based on Mario Galaxy.

5. Super Mario Keyholders | Banpresto

For Super Mario fans always on the go, having some keyholders to attach to your bag or other accessories will always be worthwhile. These rare keyholders from Banpresto have Mario figures/dioramas attached to the key holder itself. This is a great way to express your love of the franchise and your appreciation for collecting.

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4. Super Mario Adventure Book (Double Trouble) | Clyde Bosco | 1991

This is one of the collectibles that can look great on a shelf especially if you are an avid reader. It is quite simply put a Mario adventure book. This is from a line of Nintendo Adventure Books published over the years. You may be able to find one around places such as eBay or vintage bookstores for not too high a price.

3. Super Mario Telephone | Bondwell | 1990

For those on the hunt for a rare telephone from the early 90s then you won’t have to look any further. This is a Super Mario telephone which features Mario literally coming out of a pipe on the phone itself. Because of its rarity, the price point can be quite steep. If you are someone who is looking to gather as many Mario collectibles as possible then this will be a must-have for your collection.

2. Club Nintendo Figure (Mario Characters Figurine) | Nintendo | 2010

This is an all-in-one figurine that doesn’t have just Mario, but also characters such as Bowser, Yoshi, and more. They are all present on a single circular stand that creates a nice scene for the adored characters of the franchise. The rare figure(s) can be still found to this very day with varying prices so be sure to check around before buying it automatically.

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1. Blue Yoshi Egg Plush | BANDAI | 1998

Yoshi as a blue plush may not be something you were expecting to hear about today. However, it is actually a very rare and cute plush that will be perfect to place near your bed. The plush itself also has an egg along with some purple shoes that Yoshi is wearing.

We could have also included the original Super Mario Bros. Game Cartridge in this list but it may not be considered too much as a collectible so to speak. Nonetheless, there are plenty of excellent Super Mario collectibles and toys to acquire based on the games and characters you love. Lets-a-go!

- This article was updated on April 7th, 2023

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