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How to Play as Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 35

Play as Mario's infamous twin brother before time runs out

by Ben Turnbull


One of the biggest secrets in Super Mario Bros. 35 involves Mario’s infamous brother – this guide will tell you everything you need to know to turn the game into Super Mario 35 Luigi Edition.

As the de-listing of Super Mario Bros. 35 draws ever closer, players will be wanting to discover all of the secrets like this that the game holds before they run out of time to do so.

How to Unlock Luigi in Mario 35

Much like Super Mario Galaxy that released on Switch in the 3D All Stars collection last year, there’s quite a bit of work to do before Luigi becomes playable. Here’s how to play Mario 35 Luigi Edition:

You need to reach the goal post in every stage so that you unlock them all in the menu. This can take some time, especially since a lot of the action happens in the early stages. After all of the stages are unlocked, Luigi is now playable.

If you’re having trouble unlocking all of the stages, maybe the special battle running this weekend from March 19 to March 21 will help you with this. It starts you off in 1-1 but you continue through the stages in order, never going backwards like in the regular mode. You could even use warp pipes to help you get ahead quickly. If you miss out on this special battle, there is also the final World Count Challenge happening from March 23 to March 29.

How to Play as Luigi

All you need to do to play as Luigi is hold down the L button as you select a stage and start a game. It will still show Mario on the loading screen like usual, but after the timer counts down you should see Luigi spawn in and you can now play as Mario’s twin brother.

Super Mario Bros. 35 is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch for Nintendo Switch Online members, and will only be playable until the end of March. Make sure you give this game a try before time counts down to zero and it’s game over for Super Mario Bros. 35!

- This article was updated on:March 20th, 2021

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