Latest Roblox News: Fresh Codes For One Fruit Simulator & Sled Simulator, and Roblox VR Gets A Much Needed Addition

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by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Roblox Corporation

It seems like those ready to get lost in the Roblox Metaverse are about to get one of the best updates in recent memory, with a basic need finally being addressed. While it’s exciting to play Roblox in VR, a few things are holding it back from greatness, and this new update may finally squelch some bugs. On the flip side, there are some fresh, new codes for some excellent experiences, including One Fruit & Sled Simulator, so let’s jump right in and start getting some freebies!

All One Fruit Simulator Codes (February 2023)

Image: Digital Sea / Roblox

One Piece is a very popular anime and manga series, and plenty of Roblox experiences look toward it for inspiration. One Fruit Simulator is an exciting take on the series, offering you and your friends plenty of opportunities to jump into engaging combat situations and partake in plenty of quests to become the strongest pirate or marine on the platform.

All One Fruit Simulator Codes – Working

  • PAWRELEASE – Multiple Boosts
  • SHUTDOWNRELEASE – Multiple Boosts
  • 35KLIKES – Multiple Boosts
  • RELEASERACE – Race Reroll
  • RELEASERACE2 – Race Reroll
  • RELEASERACE3 – Race Reroll
  • RELEASE – Multiple Boosts
  • 20MIL!!! – Coin and XP Boost
  • VALENTINE<3 – Coin and XP Boost
  • SECRETFRUITS – Coin and XP Boost

All One Fruit Simulator Codes – Expired

  • MerryChristmas
  • MerryRaces
  • RandomRace1
  • RandomRace2
  • RandomRace3
  • Thx5kLikes
  • JeffBlox
  • SubCLstudio
  • SubCLstudio2
  • 500LIKES

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All Sled Simulator Codes (February 2023)

Image: Sweet Sour Studios / Roblox

Get ready to crush these mountains in Sled Simulator, where the name of the game is going as fast as possible. Upgrade your sled to bigger and better options, with the chance to get plenty of boosts and items to ensure you’re the king or queen of the hill. A fun little distraction that can provide hours of entertainment, especially once you’ve used these codes to get some great gear and boosts.

All Sled Simulator Codes – Working

  • 50mvisits – 2-Hour Health and Money Boost
  • SummerSun – 30-Minute Health Boost
  • HappyDay – 30-Minute Money Boost
  • SweetSour100K – 2-Hour Boost
  • 100kvisits – Free Items
  • 40klikes – 10,000 Coins and Boosts
  • HaraldsGift – Armor Piece, Booster, Trail
  • Loading – 500 Coins
  • 50kvisits – Health and Coin Boost
  • 10kvisits – 1,000 Coins

All Sled Simulator Codes – Expired

  • shutdown
  • release
  • 1mvisits

Roblox Works To Add Floor Tracking To VR-Enabled Experiences

For those that love Virtual Reality, it seems that the floor is about to open more than ever before, literally and figuratively. While Roblox has had VR support for specific experiences, it’s been janky at best, but that seems to be changing in the future. While it may not sound like much, the addition of floor tracking will make these experiences feel more immersive than ever before, especially when it feels like you’re really in the game.

While there is no confirmed release date for this update, fans that are ready to slap on their VR headset and get into the Metaverse should only need to wait a little while longer. An interesting step in the right direction, this should give gamers exactly what they’ve been hoping for.