Latest Roblox News: Fresh Codes For Tank Legends & Super Store Tycoon, and Content Creators Keep Adding Their Faces As UGC

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by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Roblox Corporation

A new trend is on the rise in the Roblox shop, with popular content creators making some rather interesting items available for sale. If you’ve ever wanted to wear the face of your favorite creator, in the most non-terrifying way possible, make sure to keep tuned in! Alongside this news, we’ve got some fresh, new codes available for two excellent experiences, with Tank Legends and Super Story Tycoon seeing some new codes hit the platform.

All Tank Legends Codes (February 2023)

Image: Tank Legends Team / Roblox

If you’re looking to take control of one of the planet’s most powerful pieces of machinery, Tank Legends may be the perfect game for you. Taking tips from titles like Pet Simulator X, gathering and trading different Tanks is the main objective here, alongside some other Simulator aspects that help keep things fresh and exciting.

All Tank Legends Codes – Working

  • UPDATE2 – x2 Damage Boost
  • 1KLIKES – x2 Coins Boost
  • Release – 250 Coins

All Tank Legends Codes – Expired

  • Currently, there are no expired codes for Tank Legends

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All Super Store Tycoon Codes (February 2023)

Image: Pulsar Games / Roblox

You’ve been promoted to the manager at this new Super Store, so you’ll need to use your skills to ensure that it stays afloat. Not only will you see the store grow, but the ability to purchase fancy new vehicles, items, and more keeps that action exciting. Working in retail has never been as fun as it is in Super Store Tycoon!

All Super Store Tycoon Codes – Working

  • PULSAR – 500 Cash
  • WHITEBOARD – 1,000 Cash
  • DOWNTIME – 750 Cash
  • LIKES3500 – 750 Cash

All Super Store Tycoon Codes – Expired

  • LIKES800
  • LIKES1500

Popular Creators Are Uploading Terrifying 3D Faces To The UGC Store In Roblox

It seems that the hottest new trend on Roblox is uploading a 3D rendition of your face, at least if you are a content creator hoping to see who is a true, blue fan of yours. Alongside Poke, it seems that KreekCraft started this new idea off with plenty joining on afterward. How long will these stay on the UGC Shop before they’re either taken down or revamped? It’s hard to say, but for now, it seems that we have something more terrifying than Rainbow Friends and DOORS to look forward to.