Best Kevin Conroy Voice Acting Roles of His Career

Kevin Conroy was one of the finest voice actors the world was ever graced with.

by Gordon Bicker

Kevin Conroy is a legend. There is no other way to put it…his legacy continues to impress on a daily basis with the expansive catalog of acting and voice-acting roles that are always of the utmost quality. Whether you know Kevin Conroy as the voice for Batman from the Arkham series of games that people even wanted remakes of, or know him better from the animated Batman series — every person involved with DC fandom and entertainment as a whole has something to thank him for.

Best Voice Acting Roles Played by Kevin Conroy

Batman — Batman: The Animated Series


Starting the list off strong will be the voice acting performed by Kevin for Batman: The Animated Series in 1992 which kicked off a major part of their success with voicing Batman. It was his first time voicing the character and already Kevin had the starring role. This is one of the most known voice acting performances for the actor and the love showcased towards the series lives on today.

Captain Sunshine — The Venture Bros.


Captain Sunshine is a character from The Venture Bros. who can harness solar light itself. Kevin Conroy enthusiastically can be heard voicing the character and it is a joy listening to the lines of dialogue that the character has ready to go at all times. The very first ‘Wonder Boy’, Chuck Scarsdale who is the identity of Captain Sunshine in the show absolutely deserves your time for being listened to.

Batman — Batman Arkham Asylum, City, and Knight


One of the most known voices of Batman in the gaming world is Kevin Conroy. That is of no surprise thanks to their stellar voice acting which is heard through many of his lines. Kevin voiced Bruce Wayne and Batman in many of the Batman Arkham games. The most notable of which were Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight. Each game in the series is highly memorable and even Gotham Knights fans were comparing the gameplay to Arkham Knight. Kevin’s work goes hand in hand with a part of the success of the titles.

Batman — Justice League Unlimited


Justice League Unlimited combines everything that we love about the casting of Batman with other highly adored characters and their respective voice actors. The DC universe always continues to be grown by fans with new movies, shows, games, and more being released on a frequent basis. The Justice League is one of the most known groups in the universe and Kevin Conroy solidified this even more with Justice League Unlimited.

Batman — Batman Beyond


The majority of people would not be able to talk about Kevin Conroy voicing Batman without mentioning his work in Batman Beyond. This was another animated Batman series that got three seasons in total along with spin-offs from the main theme. The vibrant colors seen in the show along with the contrast of various environments are truly spectacular.

The visuals alone keep us tied to the seasons on the edge of our seats. When you combine that with excellent plots and wonderful voice acting by Kevin Conroy, it is no surprise why this series beats in fans’ hearts to this day.

Batman — Injustice: Gods Among Us


A game that people may not automatically know Kevin Conroy performed voice acting as Batman for would be Injustice: Gods Among Us and its sequel. There is something extremely satisfying about playing any game as Batman that is voiced by Kevin Conroy. While you are fighting against key characters from the DC Universe in this experience you can do so with the powerful voice of Kevin Conroy leading your way.

Batman — The New Batman Adventures


The New Batman Adventures ran from 1997-1999 and brought with its many impressive episodes. Many fans still watch the series when they can through things like video clips on YouTube. It is wonderful to be able to listen to the voice of Kevin Conroy in another Batman and crew-orientated show. This specific series is focused on a new Robin which Batman has to get used to. Furthermore, closer ties are made with batgirl and it is enjoyable watching the bonds grow over the seasons while they go up against every enemy thrown at them.

Kevin Conroy has given his incredible voice acting work to many projects and that voice will no doubt live on for centuries. All of his work will always be remembered as some of the best creative work that the world has seen and heard. A true Batman voice will always be in our hearts and that Batman is Kevin Conroy.

- This article was updated on November 11th, 2022

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