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WB Is Done with the Batman: Arkham Series, Voice Actor Says

by Jose Belmonte


Warner Bros’ Batman: Arkham series solidified the comeback of superheroes to high-budget videogame productions, but it seems like 2015’s Arkham Knight will be the series’ endpoint for now, as the main voice actor himself has confirmed during an event with fans. This is not surprising news, as Warner already promoted the fourth and final entry as the conclusion to the series, but in a world where companies are used to extend franchises for as long as they are profitable, there is always the chance that a new entry is announced by surprise.

Kevin Conroy, who voiced Batman in all Arkham games, confirmed that Warner has no plans for more games to the audience of Nashville Wizard World Comic Con. During the Q&A section of a panel, he was asked about this topic, and this was his answer: “You know, I can’t believe that they’re not going to do another one, but they’re not. Isn’t that amazing? It’s… they made literally billions of dollars on those games. But, no, there’s no plan to do another one. Sorry.” Twitter user Matt Sifford got the moment on video.

Are you happy that Warner is keeping its word or do you want more Arkham stories? The truth is that Arkham Knight gave a conclusion to the majority of plotlines that remained open from earlier entries, but titles like Arkham Origins or Arkham VR proved that there could still be new side stories set in the same universe. However, that really seems like wishful thinking right now. And while it’s obvious there will be more Batman AAA games in the future, perhaps by that point it makes more sense to start from zero instead of continue the current series.

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