Hell’s Paradise Episode 10 Release Date, Time, and Episode 9 Spoilers

Prepare for the release date of Hell's Paradise Episode 10 here!

by J.R. Waugh
Hell's Paradise Episode 10 Release Date Lord Tensen
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The hiatus is over, and MAPPA strikes again with the latest episode of Hell’s Paradise. Gabimaru is a force to be reckoned with, and can even contend with the deadliest forces yet to be seen in Shinsenkyo. But the adventure is far from over, even as the season has crossed past its halfway point. There’s plenty to be excited about for this series and what to hope for before the curtain call on Season 1. Read further for everything on the Hell’s Paradise Episode 10 release date.

When is the Hell’s Paradise Episode 10 Release Date?

Hell’s Paradise Episode 10’s release date is Saturday, June 10, 2023, at 8:30 AM PT / 11:30 AM ET. The episode will be available via simulcast exclusively on Crunchyroll weekly, with the English dub airing 5 hours later. Additionally, there will be options to watch these episodes in German, French, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Castilian Spanish, and Italian.

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If you’re an international viewer wondering when you’ll be able to catch the latest episode, you’re in luck! We’ve got a release time zone guide below for you to consult:

Time ZoneRelease Time
Pacific Time (Los Angeles, Vancouver)8:30 AM PST
Central Time (Chicago, Regina)10:30 AM CST
Eastern Time (New York, Toronto)11:30 AM EST
Atlantic Time (Halifax, Fredericton)12:30 PM AST
Brazil (Brasília Time)12:30 PM BST
UK and Ireland4:30 PM GMT
Europe5:30 PM CEST
Moscow6:30 PM MSK
India9:00 PM IST
Vietnam and Thailand10:30 PM ICT
Philippines11:30 PM PHT

In the latest episode, Gabimaru learns the terrifying might of the Lord Tensen but is yet to learn it is the tip of the iceberg. With the impending Hell’s Paradise Episode 10 release date, he’ll have a run-in with a familiar fellow inmate.

Hell’s Paradise Episode 9 Recap, Spoilers, and What to Expect in Episode 10

This latest episode reveals to the viewers the increasingly fascinating Lord Tensen. We also learn of the tragic fall of a thriving civilization on the island, doomed to be trapped as immobile, praying trees. Finally, we learn of more members of the Lord Tensen, and that they were formerly conjoined as an explorer who will be revealed later on in the series. The Lord Tensen revealed the following:

  • Shangdi Samantabhadra aka Rien
  • Yuanjun Tathātā aka Zhu Jin
  • Jiujun Amoghavajra aka Mu Dan
  • Deified Dijun Cundi aka Ran
  • Sagacious Dasheng Ratna aka Tao Fa
  • Dadi Aksho aka Ju Fa
  • Gonggong Manjusri aka Gui Fa

The characters and their motivations are mildly revealed in this episode, along with the notion that their power, fueled by Tao, has its limits, to be revitalized by sapping the life from human intruders.

This next episode puts us squarely into Volume 4 and beyond for the manga adaptation, with Gabimaru squaring off against Tamiya Gantetsusai. The one-handed samurai, who was noticeably absent over the past few episodes, weighs the options of teaming up with Gabimaru and lays out his motives for doing so. Finally, Mei makes an appearance, with some surprising developments.

This latest episode was viewed on Crunchyroll using its mobile, desktop, and console applications, and we look forward to its upcoming release of Hell’s Paradise Episode 10!

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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