Is Crocodile Actually a Female in One Piece? – Answered

by J.R. Waugh
One Piece Crocodile Female
Image: Toei Animation

One Piece has been running for decades, and while there’s possibly an end in sight for the globally popular manga and anime series, there are still tons of questions. Some of them are just about how the series will end, whether any new characters are introduced, the next big battles, or any future films. But some are more surprising, “out there” conceptually, yet given a surprising amount of detail by the fans. One theory surrounds one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the current founding member of the Cross Guild, Crocodile, and whether he is, or perhaps was, a female in One Piece.

Femcroc and Crocomom Fan Theories — Is Crocodile Female in One Piece?

The short answer to whether Crocodile is female in One Piece is… maybe, at least according to the fans. There’s no compelling evidence to outright disprove this fan theory, but it had various periods when fans genuinely believed Crocodile is secretly female. It goes beyond simple clues like his possible overcompensating with gendered titles like Desert King Sir Crocodile.

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One such hint came from a conversation Emporio Ivankov had with him in the Impel Down Arc. During the original release, when translated it sounded like Ivankov knew a scandalous secret of Crocodile’s. This alone wasn’t enough, especially considering Crocodile’s secret weakness to water, but keep in mind, Ivankov’s special Devil Fruit ability that allows him to alter a person’s body, including their sex. Ivankov’s gender-swapping abilities, along with this conversation, led to fans never quite giving up on the possibility.

There are many videos like this one from content creator GrandLineReview laying out these speculations

Plus, the series has also since then shown transgender characters, so it’s not out of the realm of reason, however, in Crocodile’s case, it could be less of a case where he willingly underwent any sort of transition. But perhaps most interesting is that series creator Eichiro Oda states about Crocodile’s past, and how Ivankov gave him “something” for which he is owed. In terms of confirmation, Femcroc is not a sure thing, but surprisingly compelling and credible. But the theories go deeper.

Crocomom — Is Crocodile Luffy’s Mom?

Theories are going around ever since this interaction from over a decade ago, saying that Crocodile is Luffy’s mom in One Piece. The theories largely push Crocodile together with Monkey D. Dragon, and in some cases even after Crocodile having hooked up with Ivankov first, then being turned into a woman before conceiving Luffy. Maybe we learn more about this, or at least about Luffy’s ancestry, in later chapters?

These are entirely speculation and would require a lot of confirmation in the series. It’d be an incredible reveal, and one supported by a surprisingly large amount of the community. But there have been numerous points of the series where Crocodile has surprisingly been willing to risk his life to protect Luffy, seemingly counter to his usual antics. Could it be parental instinct…possibly even maternal?

- This article was updated on March 14th, 2023