Oshi no Ko Episode 2: Release Date and Where to Watch

After a stellar series premiere, Aqua begins his revenge play.

by J.R. Waugh
Oshi no Ko Episode 2 Release
Image: Doga Kobo / HIDIVE

Oshi no Ko has premiered, filled our hearts, and then shattered them with a devastating season debut. It introduced its star characters and some surprising premises for those expecting a more light-hearted story. What begins as a mild tale of an OB/GYN who takes on his beloved favorite pop idol as a patient, turns into a dark drama when he is murdered, reincarnates as her son, and witnesses her death at the hands of the same killer. The release of Oshi no Ko episode 2 is hotly anticipated, and we’ve got the info on where and how you can watch it on HIDIVE.

Oshi no Ko Episode 2 Release Date on HIDIVE

Oshi no Ko episode 2 will release on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at 8:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST. This is to line up with its Japanese airtime where it will broadcast on Tokyo MX, BS11, Sun TV, and KBS Kyoto on April 20, 2023. The English subbed episode will air as a simulcast on HIDIVE, and for international viewers wondering when they can catch this episode, we’ve got a handy time zone guide you can consult!

Time ZoneRelease Time
Pacific Time (Los Angeles, Vancouver)8:00 AM PST
Central Time (Chicago, Regina)10:00 AM CST
Eastern Time (New York, Toronto)11:00 AM ET
Atlantic Time (Halifax, Fredericton)12:00 PM AST
Brazil (Brasília Time)12:00 PM BST
UK and Ireland4:00 PM GMT
Europe5:00 PM CEST
Moscow6:00 PM MSK
India8:30 PM IST
Vietnam and Thailand10:00 PM ICT
Philippines11:00 PM PHT

Time zones are a tricky matter, and when discussing this hot show, you’ll want to be as close as possible to the release time.

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This episode begins after the prologue which was episode 1’s 90-minute premiere. The first episode covered a whopping 10 of the first chapters of the manga, with episode 2 of Oshi no Ko beginning in Chapter 11. Ruby and Aqua, the reincarnated fans born to Ai Hoshino, are now teenagers making their way in the world, with love in their hearts for their departed mother, as Aqua begins his revenge play.

HIDIVE: Where You Can Watch Episode 2

Image: Doga Kobo

You can watch Oshi no Ko episode 2 on HIDIVE as a simulcast release at the above-mentioned times, as well as on-demand afterward. You can use the browser portal, or your mobile app as shown in our guide. Be sure to check the Simulcast list for the show (and add to your favorites!) so you don’t lose any time watching the premiere.

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Oshi no Ko is one of the latest incredible anime to debut in 2023 and is possibly the most gorgeous, heartfelt, faithful adaptation yet. The show stands with other excellent offerings such as Crunchyroll’s Hell’s Paradise or Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, and more than ever, anime fans are eating well.

- This article was updated on April 16th, 2023

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