Record of Ragnarok Round 8 Winner Prediction: Nikola Tesla vs. Beelzebub

Will one of humanity's brightest minds zap the Lord of the Flies?

by J.R. Waugh
Record of Ragnarok Round 8 Prediction
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Record of Ragnarok is in Round 8 of its glorious death battle contest between gods and mortals, with the fate of mankind caught in the balance. What could otherwise be a bombastic speculative fantasy has turned into a surprisingly dramatic story for each contestant involved. The human contestants time and again have proven themselves worthy adversaries with the right equipment. The most recent case of this is Round 8 of Record of Ragnarok, where Nikola Tesla squares off against Beelzebub, and fans have taken to the forums with their prediction. Spoilers ahead!

Record of Ragnarok Round 8 Prediction #1: An Ill-Fated Pattern Repeats Itself

Even without dipping into the Chapter 75 spoilers for Record of Ragnarok, Round 8 looks to be falling back into other trends in the series. Beelzebub persistently unveils deadly new attacks, only for Tesla to tank them and further hamper Beelzebub’s abilities to continue, but at a great physical cost. Tesla has activated 2 of his 3 Super Coils and had his body injured practically beyond repair, but heroically and optimistically keeps standing.

As raw scans have begun to surface for Chapter 75, it appears Beelzebub has not run out of tricks just yet. He unleashes a deadly new attack, and while Tesla endures this as well, his armor is nearly destroyed, after which he uses his final Super Coil, indicating the end is near. This weapon, possibly his final weapon, is part of a trend that doesn’t bode well for Tesla. The previous 3 rounds ended similarly with a loss for each of the characters in similar situations to Tesla, meaning a narrow loss for the Humans is possibly on the horizon.

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Tesla wishes to have humanity persevere eternally through science, and this seems like a strong foreshadowing of a man who dies but his legacy lives on like that of his brother, Dane.

Round 8 Prediction #2: A Draw

Record of Ragnarok has seen some pretty epic battles where characters have pushed their bodies to the limit, sometimes with lopsided matchups that became pretty quickly apparent like the end of Round 1. But in Round 8, both Beelzebub and Tesla destroyed their bodies through their various attacks in the match.

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Tesla could use up his last Coil for one last risky move, while Beelzebub’s no longer able to contain his power, and goes all out. There’s a reasonable argument for both either dying or living through each other’s attacks without a clear victor while being unable to continue.

However, it’s tough to commit to this prediction because, until now, this type of conclusion is unprecedented in the series. How would this affect the score? Would each side get a point, or would they have to bring in a 14th contender for each side? One can humor this possibility, especially if characters like Siegfried are casually mentioned, as fans would surely love to have a dragonslayer among the Einherjar.

Ultimately though, it’s tough to say who wins or whether the match ends until full versions of the issue are widely available for Chapter 75 and beyond. The match will likely end in March 2023 at the latest, but for now, keep your eyes peeled!

- This article was updated on February 26th, 2023