Record of Ragnarok: Winners and Losers of Each Round so Far

Who's in the lead?

by J.R. Waugh
Record of Ragnarok Round Winners Losers
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Record of Ragnarok is a seinen manga and anime sensation, pitting Gods and humans against each other in mortal combat to determine whether mankind will live on. Humanity thus received Einherjar, representatives across history each given a Valkyrie ally with a Divine Weapon in a bond called Völundr. The Einherjar include famous historical figures with a fun twist of myth and legend while fighting against deities and powerful entities from multiple cultures. Record of Ragnarok has seen deadly losses and huge upsets in each round so far, with some big winners and losers worth noting.

Who Are the Winners and Losers of Each Round in Record of Ragnarok?

Record of Ragnarok is a violent contest of 1-on-1 fights between some pretty fantastic and crazy matchups. The tournament, Ragnarok, is won by the first team to reach 7 victories. You’ll see Adam from the biblical creation story pitted against Zeus from Greek myth, but also more grounded characters like Jack the Ripper, but don’t underestimate any of the contenders. There have been enormous victories for humanity despite the odds seemingly stacked against them, as listed below for each round:

  • Round 1: Thor (W, Gods) vs. Lü Bu (L, Humans)
  • Round 2: Zeus (W, Gods) vs. Adam (L, Humans)
  • Round 3: Poseidon (L, Gods) vs. Kojiro Sasaki (W, Humans)
  • Round 4: Heracles (L, Gods) vs. Jack the Ripper (W, Humans)
  • Round 5: Shiva (W, Gods) vs. Raiden Tameemon (L, Humans)
  • Round 6: Zerofuku/Hajun (L, Gods) vs. Buddha (W, Humans)
  • Round 7: Hades (L, Gods) vs. Qin Shi Huang (W, Humans)
  • Round 8: Beelzebub (W, Gods) vs. Nikola Tesla (L, Humans)
  • Round 9: Apollo vs. Leonidas (Ongoing)

Humanity has a 4-4 tie with the Gods in a stunning upset so far. There are still a few tricks each team has up its sleeves, with the most recent fight being a thrilling matchup between a classic force of evil and one of the most beloved historical figures in science. While Tesla was doing well and had evaded some incredibly deadly attacks by Beelzebub, the match came to a clear conclusion in Chapter 76.

The latest contestants appear to enter the fray in Chapter 79, in what is likely to be an epic clash of Greek legends!

- This article was updated on May 25th, 2023

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