Record of Ragnarok Chapter 83 Leaks & Raw Scans Show A Winner Already Declared

And the winner is....

by J.R. Waugh
Record of Ragnarok Chapter 83 Leaks Raw Scans Polearms
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To the shock of fans expecting a more drawn-out fight like in Round 8, Record of Ragnarok Chapter 83 shows a pretty clear conclusion in its raw scans. This means that we’ve seen Round 8 and 9 cleared in 2023, with room to set up Round 10 by 2024.

It also means that things are about to get more desperate for each side, and while a growing mutual respect is emerging between its combatants, the truth is simple: humans need to win, or they will die. Spoilers ahead!

Record of Ragnarok Leaks and Raw Scans for Chapter 83: Round 9 Is Over? [SPOILERS]

Image: Coamix

To the shock of readers wanting a longer fight, Apollo has defeated Leonidas in Round 9 according to leaks and raw scans from Record of Ragnarok Chapter 83. The fight takes a stunning turn as Apollo unleashes some deadly weaponry, ultimately closing in and landing the decisive blow that finishes the Spartan off. Leaks are below:

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For those in denial, you’ll see on the final page Leonidas dissipating like the previous fighters declared the losers in Record of Ragnarok, with Apollo standing alone. There are some major takeaways from this chapter’s conclusion, such as Apollo’s mindset going forward, existing fan theories being confirmed, and the situation for humanity.

Apollo and Leonidas Hashed Things Out Before the End

Image: Coamix

Leonidas harbored intense resentment going into their match since the start. But by examining Apollo’s past, you can clearly see he is compassionate even towards monsters, even if it can be still with that godly swagger. But on the flip side, Apollo’s arrogance and vanity were curbed by the wake-up call from Leonidas, acknowledging him as a worthy opponent in the end, bearing a scar across his face upon the fight’s conclusion.

Fan Theories: Polearm Fighters Seem Destined to Lose Like in Record of Ragnarok Chapter 83

Think of Lü Bu, Poseidon, Hades, and now Leonidas. Each of them wielded a spear or similar polearm in battle. Another common feature about each of them is that they lost their respective rounds in the series, making a disproportionate number of polearm users likely to lose in the tourney.

Humanity in Desperate Need of a Win

Humanity now officially trails the Gods 4-5. They’re undeniably winning the respect of the gods, but the terms of Ragnarok still stand: they must win to be allowed to survive. This officially means they must win 4 of the next 3 matches, or in other words, they can only lose two matches before losing everything.

- This article was updated on October 25th, 2023

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