Who Does Anzu End Up With in Romantic Killer?

We'd be angry too if our games were swapped for eel jerky.

by J.R. Waugh

Romantic Killer is a subversive romantic comedy series, originating from a 2019 manga, and recently adapted as an anime on Netflix. It follows protagonist Anzu Hoshino, an endearing teenage girl who loves three things: video games, chocolate, and her cat. However, when she discovers a game she is playing was swapped out for a romance game, a tiny wizard named Riri appears to her and turns her life upside down. She is promised a paradise of male suitors but has her favorite things taken away until she chooses a boyfriend. The story is hilarious, heartwarming, and self-aware, so readers/viewers might wonder, who does Anzu end up with in Romantic Killer? Be warned, spoilers are ahead!

Does Anzu End Up With Tsukasa in Romantic Killer?


Tsukasa Kazuki is the first love interest, and we meet him as early as episode 1 of the anime, but they do not end up together. Anzu and Tsukasa encounter each other in numerous instances that seem to parody the meet-cute romantic trope, where future couples meet for the first time funnily or cutely. Tsukasa’s good looks and initial cold demeanor belie his kindness, with him becoming a wonderful friend to Anzu. While he finds himself falling for her, Anzu does not feel pressured to reciprocate his feelings.

Does Anzu End Up With Junta?


Junta Hayami is propped up by Riri as the ‘childhood friend’ trope, even referring to him as ‘easy mode’ in the otome game context, but they do not end up together. He idealized Anzu since elementary school when he was known as Tonta and was overweight, becoming a baseball prodigy when he learned that she liked athletic guys. While seemingly cowardly and resentful of Tsukasa, Junta is steadfast and loyal to his friends.

Does Anzu End Up With Ryuya?


Ryuya seems like the closest romantic fit for Anzu but does not end up with her in Romantic Killer. Their mutual appreciation for video games is a strong indicator, but this alone doesn’t seem to be enough to bring the pair together. However, Ryuya joins other characters in protecting Anzu from some rather scary circumstances by the end.

Does Anzu End Up With Koganei?


Hijiri Koganei is the rich, handsome suitor sent after Anzu by Riri, but they do not end up together in Romantic Killer. His personality is not a good fit for Anzu, but she even mocks this, referring to him as embodying the ‘tsundere’ trope. Despite his arrogant demeanor, Anzu still regards him as a friend, playing into his confidence and showing him affection as she does for her other friends.

Does Anzu End Up With Riri?


No, they will not end up together, but when Riri wishes to stay in her life, Anzu shrewdly uses the technicality that there’s a fraction of a percent chance they could end up together romantically. This forces Kate, a later wizard assigned to her case, to allow Riri to stay in the human world.

Does Anzu End Up With Anyone in Romantic Killer?

For those who have caught on at this point, the story’s point isn’t wholly to wrap up with Anzu to end up with anybody in particular. The series does a wonderful job showcasing the importance of platonic love, which is often devalued in romance stories as only another avenue for people to end up together. Anzu eventually is given access to her possessions, while keeping her invaluable friends, and keeps the autonomy to not have to date any of them or respond to their advances.


However, the series ends on a cheeky ‘to be continued…?’ note while setting her up with a new quest given by Kate, to find a boyfriend before graduating. We’ll see if there’s ever a continuation, but for now, the anime and manga end on the same note, with Anzu ending up with her favorite things: video games, chocolate, her cat Momohiki, and her friends.

Romantic Killer was released on Netflix on October 27, 2022, and is based on the manga originally released on July 30, 2019. You can read Romantic Killer on Shonen Jump.

- This article was updated on January 15th, 2023

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