Who Was The Guy On The Beach In Uncharted?

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering who the guy on the beach in Uncharted was and why the movie’s characters interacted with him? We all love when movies pay homage to their video game counterparts with easter eggs or fun cameo appearances. This is precisely what the director did with the Uncharted movie, with a seemingly unimportant scene between the movie’s two protagonists and a random citizen. So who exactly had a cameo appearance in the movie? Here is everything you need to know about who the guy on the beach in Uncharted was and what his significance to the popular franchise is.

Who Was The Guy On The Beach In Uncharted?


The guy on the beach in Uncharted was none other than Nolan North. If you’ve never played the Uncharted franchise, he is the voice actor for the game’s protagonist, Nathan Drake. The funny cameo experience happens after the scene where Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazier fall out of the cargo plane and land on the beach of a resort. After a small interaction with North, he quips them that something like that happened to him once as a fun nod to the action scenes of the games. Then, as Drake and Frazier walk away, North tells them good luck and breaks the fourth wall.

North has stated in several interviews that he was looking forward to being involved with the movie, but he and the movie’s director had a hard time including him due to the pandemic and content. Because of this, it was decided to give him a small but funny cameo appearance. Even this tiny appearance wasn’t without its difficulties, though, as North had to go through many COVID protocols to make it to the filming location in Barcelona. Luck for him, a woman in Houston helping him get his emergency Visa was a massive fan of the show Pretty Little Liars and helped expedite the process. When it came time to film the cameo, North said he completely adlibbed lines, which fit perfectly.

You can stream the Uncharted movie on major platforms like Amazon Video and Netflix.

You can play the Uncharted video game series on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

- This article was updated on January 13th, 2023

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