Will Ted Lasso Return for Season 4?

Is Season 3 the final season of Ted Lasso?

by J.R. Waugh
Ted Lasso Season 4
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Ted Lasso is one of the most successful new series to come to Apple TV+. It resonated with viewers as a charming series that found its footing quickly in Season 1 and quickly gained momentum as the years went by. It quickly made a splash with plentiful Emmy nominations in its first year and has won Outstanding Comedy Series at the prestigious awards twice in a row, with a possible hat trick on the way. But does the acclaimed series have a future? Will Ted Lasso return for Season 4?

Will There be a New Season of Ted Lasso?

For fans hoping for a Ted Lasso Season 4, don’t get your hopes up, as the show hasn’t been renewed. The series was always originally planned for 3 seasons as noted by series co-creator Bill Lawrence. The show was written around a 3-season plan for its main plot, based on series star Jason Sudeikis’ availability. The finale episode of Season 3’s title, “So Long, Farewell” is a pretty clear indicator that the story as we know it was meant to conclude there.

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However, if you might have guessed, even the show’s fellow stars weren’t convinced this meant the series as a whole would disappear after it. It doesn’t appear to be marketed as a final season, and there are enough distinctive characters and stories to pretty easily create some spin-offs, which have been a hot commodity in television….forever.

With examples from Frasier to Deep Space Nine to Better Call Saul to House of the Dragon, there are decades of shows with exceptional stories to tell despite the original series they’re based on concluding fairly well. Or in the case of Game of Thrones, concluding at least. Despite Ted Lasso being given a pretty satisfying conclusion if ending on Season 3, there is plenty of reason for fans to hope and believe new content will happen, even if it’s not a Season 4.

- This article was updated on May 31st, 2023

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