Ark 2 Fans Really Want First-Person Mode to Return for the Sequel

The Ark community is not happy about one key change that will come up in Ark 2.

by Carlos Hurtado


Ark 2 fans want the first-person mode to return in the sequel. A lot of players from the community have been expressing their need for a first-person mode in the sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved. Many of them consider it a staple feature from the franchise that will not be easily replaced by a third-person mode.

Ark: Survival Evolved launched back in 2015 under the Early Acess category on Steam. The survival game captured a wide audience that still populates its servers after 7 years. Currently, the game’s servers have almost 165 thousand players, and even though those are not regular numbers, the game has kept a steady fan base all these years. The game that started in early access a long time ago is almost unrecognizable by now. The developers have been very busy all these years, delivering updates, community events, and more. The developers even managed to release console versions of the game, and back in 2020, they announced a sequel that will launch in 2023.

Yesterday, a post on the PlayArk subreddit detailed the need some players are feeling about the first-person mode on Ark 2. According to the post, the first-person mode is not just another way to experience the title. The first-person view makes the players feel like they are minuscule in comparison to their environment and the fauna around the map. The beautiful setting, the enticing graphics, and all the action that unravels across the 3-minute and 45-second gameplay trailer released in 2015 show how effective was the first-person perspective to deliver the experience. The change in perspective will definitely affect the players’ experience; there is something about the first-person perspective that changes how players perceive the game world.

So far, the post has around 200 upvotes and more members of the subreddit are commenting, and giving their thoughts about the change of pace in this new sequel. This change may seem small to some, but to the Ark community, this could change all the experience.

All in all, we can only wait for more information about Ark 2; no gameplay reveals have been made so far, so no one knows how the change of perspective will change the experience.

Ark 2 will release in 2023 on PC and Xbox Series S/X.

- This article was updated on July 19th, 2022

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