6 Best Unblocked Games for Work and School

These flash games are fun and free!

by Noah Nelson


If you are looking for the best games that aren’t restricted by your school’s or work’s system administration, then you’ve come to the right place. There are many surprisingly good webpage games, or flash games, that are fun and will definitely get your mind off of school or work. In no particular order, here are the 6 best unblocked games that you can play at work or school.

6. Slope 3

Slope 3 does all of the things a great flash game should: it is mindlessly fun, easy to play, and hard to master. Like many flash games, the objective in Slope 3 is simple: roll the ball down the hill without hitting obstacles. As you progress, the speed of the ball will increase. There is no end to Slope 3, so aim for the highest score.

5. Flappy Bird

If you haven’t heard of Flappy Bird, then you deserve a medal. Speaking of medals, Flappy Bird is another endless game where the objective is to get a high score. You play as a bird who needs to go through pipe openings. Click to flap your wings at the perfect times to make it through. It is simple, yet addicting. Once you’ve beaten your hi-score once, you’ll want to do it again and again.

4. Stick Hero

Stick Hero is sort of similar to Flappy Bird except you play as a ninja and you need to cross bridges. Instead of rapid clicks, Stick Hero requires you to hold your click to create a stick bridge that is neither too short nor too long. Once you find a rhythm, Stick Hero becomes very addicting in a good way.

3. Snake

Snake is an old-school classic game that has remained popular because of how fun it is. If you don’t know the rules of Snake, they are fairly simple. You play as a snake that needs to eat. Each time you eat, your body gets a little longer. Your snake will continue to grow and grow and if you hit your body on your way to the fruit, you lose. Good luck!

2. Paper Io

Paper Io is a newer game, but its rules are straightforward. You play as a cube that needs to grow its area but there are other online players that you are competing against. You use your mouse to control where the cube goes. To get more area, you need to create loops that loop back into your area. The problem is that if you go too big, an opponent will touch the line you are making and defeat you. Paper Io is different and that is what makes it so fun.

1. Grow Cube

Speaking of cubes that grow, Grow Cube and the Grow games are extremely fun combination games that are easy, always different, and very unique looking. There are a certain amount of select items you can add to the world. Once you add them, chain reactions will happen based on when you put the items in. You can play these games over and over looking for the best combination. Grow Cube and the other Grow games are some of my favorite flash games.

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- This article was updated on August 29th, 2022

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