“Call of Duty HQ” Is Included With Modern Warfare 2, but Nobody Knows What It Is

What might this be?

by Amitesh Dhar


Call of Duty HQ has been raising a lot of eyebrows recently. The Modern Warfare 2 early access campaign mode has seen a lot of love from the community lately, and everyone is eagerly waiting for Warzone 2.0 to go live.

As seen in a Twitter post, one user mentioned the words “Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and Call of Duty HQ” on the back of the game box. All this while, there has been no mention of this HQ bit anywhere. This does come as a surprise to many members of the community.

What Is Call of Duty HQ?

Activision hasn’t talked about this yet, so it’s tough to say what this is right now. However, if we were to look at the previous installments in the franchise, we’d see references to this name multiple times. First of all, Headquarters is a multiplayer map that was seen in many Call of Duty games previously. But then again, it’s unlikely that Activision would explicitly mention the name of a map on the back of the game box.

This brings me to the second possibility and this does seem more likely to happen. Call of Duty HQ was a feature that was included with World War II. This is nothing but a social hub that allowed players to gather around while not participating in any online maps. It’s quite similar to the Tower in Destiny 2. The Tower is the place where players can gather around and interact with each other. Moreover, the Tower has several vendors who offer bounties. These bounties are very specific missions that need to be completed within online games.

Call of Duty HQ could be a similar social hub. In World War II, this place served as an area where players could collect different bounties as well as test out different score streaks at the Range. This, however, is purely speculation for now. The full game is scheduled to go live on October 28, so you can expect this HQ to go live with the full game itself.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is set for release on October 28, 2022, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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