Elder Scrolls 6 Location Leak Reveals the Game is Set in Hammerfell

Hammerfell looks set to be the location for The Elder Scrolls VI!

by Gordon Bicker


The Elder Scrolls: VI is on the far-away horizon for fans of the series and ever since the announcement trailer, people have been frantically trying to work out where the game is going to be set and when its release may occur. Now more information has been spotted on where the game seems set to take place with a high certainty of being accurate. The announcement trailer showed the sweeping landscapes with bucolic rolling hills and mountains that the world will be set to offer players. It was apparent at the time that many were already thinking that the game was going to be set in Hammerfell for The Elder Scrolls 6 location.

In the past, The Elder Scrolls has been set in many locations across the franchise and for the mainline games, there have been key locations focused on. Regions such as Skyrim, Cyrodiil, and so forth. The Elder Scrolls Online did include some of Hammerfell to explore with regions such as Bangkorai. So after the release of the announcement trailer, fans were trying to correlate key areas and aspects of these regions to those seen in the announcement trailer for any possibility of cross-references to confirm their thoughts.

A report was unfortunately leaked on Twitter detailing some of the plans for Bethesda relating to their games; if this report is indeed accurate then it would be extremely likely (even a definite) that The Elder Scrolls VI is going to be set in Hammerfell for the location. This of course matches up with what fans have been thinking based on the trailer. Due to the fact that the game is still in early development stages while Starfield is being worked on, especially after the delay for Starfield.

If the game is set in Hammerfell then it is an exciting prospect to think about. There is a lot of lore relating to the region and is the home of the Redguard. Before the Redguard had effectively owned Hammerfell, the Dwemer is known to have had control of much of, if not all of the region of Hammerfell in the 1st Era 420. Thus it is important to note that there could even be a heavy focus on the Dwemer for the game’s events. Especially lots of new unique Dwemer ruins to explore. It will be a thrill learning about everything that the region of Hammerfell will offer us.

Along with this, there is much hope that a Daggerfall feature should return in the next installment, and with the vast mountains and high land across Hammerfell, it may certainly be an excellent addition to have.

The Elder Scrolls VI is known to be in early development.

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