Fable Could Be the Highlight of the Xbox/Bethesda Showcase After Starfield Delay

Fable may make an appearance at this upcoming event.

by Carlos Hurtado


Could the new Fable game be shown at the upcoming Xbox/Bethesda showcase?  It’s starting to look like a possibility if Microsoft wants to get any hype behind their upcoming presentation.  Recently the Xbox catalog has been looking a bit deflated with the announcement of delays for Starfield and Redfall, despite the company’s spending spree in acquiring studios and publishers. Both titles are not going to be released at their initial dates, but luckily for players, both titles are still slated for release in the first half of 2023.  While people are still undoubtedly excited about those titles, that’s almost a full year from now.  With Starfield and Redfall out of the spotlight, other Bethesda and Xbox projects may surface on the upcoming Showcased by Bethesda and Xbox set to premiere on June 12.

Starfield’s and Redfall’s delay disappointed a meaningful portion of the community, but the delay was made so both development teams can execute on their great ambitions for both games. Ensuring a pleasant experience once the games are released. Because of this delay, The Elder Scrolls 6’s development could also be pushed back; with these two titles in the spotlight, there’s a slight chance that they will focus their efforts on other projects.


What some players have forgotten is that there is another title that could be featured on the Xbox/Bethesda Showcase, and that is the new entry of the Fable franchise. In 2020, the official Xbox Youtube channel released an announcement video on the new Fable title. Since then, lots of speculation has been floating around the community; the game is being developed by Playground Games, on the ForzaTech engine, the same one used on the Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport series. Information about the titles is scarce, but players have found some data on the development of the new Fable game.

A few years ago, some talent that worked on Batman: Arkham Knight joined Playground Games to work on Fable 4. Scriptwriters like Kim MacAskill, Martin Lancaster, and Craig Owens are apparently on the project. An old leak video featured on Reddit a while ago, let out some information about the title.

According to the Reddit post, Fable will feature first and third-person perspectives, players will be able to build a town, there will be a multiplayer component, guns will not be featured, and it will be possible to ignore the main quest. Unfortunately for players, the video detailing the game’s setting and the previous information was taken down shortly after, so players can only trust the details that the lucky ones got to preserve.

All in all, Xbox and Bethesda’s Showcase is going to bring a lot of excitement to these titles that have been under the radar for some of us.

The Xbox and Bethesda Showcase will premiere on June 12.

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