Skate 4 Reveal Could Be Coming in July Along With Need for Speed and FIFA 23

The first look at Skate 4 could be right around the corner.

by Shaun Cichacki


Fans of skateboarding titles have been awaiting Skate 4 for longer than they could have ever expected, but it seems that this news drought may be ending soon. A few rumors are floating around that EA is going to be showcasing some of their newest titles in July, and it seems that this Skateboarding Sim may see the light after years of excitement.

While there is no official confirmation just yet, there have been plenty of insiders that work in the industry that have been dropping crumbs of information, not only about the possibility of the newest Skate game finally being shown off, but the newest installments in other popular franchises such as Need For Speed, and FIFA. Let’s take a look at all of the information that is currently available.

FIFA, Need for Speed & Skate – What To Expect In July

While there is no official confirmation, nor is there currently a date, with all of the exciting reveals that have been taking place in June, it seems that July may be an even more exciting time for fans of these three franchises. Skate has had diehard fans since its inception, allowing players to take insane amounts of control over the tricks that their skaters can pull off with the help of the Right Analog Stick.

You’ll be able to pull off insane combos, but nothing like you’d find in Tony Hawk since the game is slightly set in a more realistic tone, but you’ll still find little bits of goofiness spread throughout the title. With the newest title, fans are hoping to see great visuals, as well as the same gameplay that they have grown to know and love.

It seems that insider Jeff Grubb has noted that the newest Need For Speed title is going to be aiming for a new type of graphical style, mixing anime elements, alongside near photorealistic vehicles. July is only a few short days away, so we will just need to hold out hope that we will finally get a proper look at Skate 4, alongside these other titles!

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