Warzone Players Feel Like Server Desync Has Gotten Worse in Season 4

Warzone players are everything but happy with these server issues.

by Carlos Hurtado


It looks like Warzone players have been suffering from some connection issues since the last Season launched. A lot of players have been sharing their experiences, and by the hour, more players are telling their frustrating stories about their latest matches on Caldera and the new map called Fortunes Keep.

Season 4 launched a few weeks ago, on June 22nd, and so far, many players have been grinding on the new battle pass. Besides the usual weapon and operator skins, the new season brought a new map, a new SMG, and LMG, and they even brought back a small piece of Verdansk for the ones who felt nostalgic about the old map.

A few hours ago, a post was shared on the CODWARZONE subreddit talking about the recent desync problems many players have been having since Season 4 came up. The post features a small 35-second clip showing all the desync issues this player has been experiencing. Throughout the short video, you can see how this player is losing gunfights even though he is landing headshots and body shots at medium to close ranges. The sad thing is that many players are telling similar stories, and there are more than 100 comments.

More and more players are sharing stories about their desync problems, and they do not seem to stop. Some players were hopeful the problem was only on Caldera, but the problems are in every mode. Many players are more than frustrated when going against enemies and not hitting the shots they landed. Some of them are even getting killed after turning a corner. These kinds of problems are the ones that can make players think twice before launching the game again.

Problems like these are present in many games, and they usually cause players to find other options. The battle royale gaming market is full of alternatives that can host these players, so Call of Duty Warzone‘s developers should get their hands on this problem before they start losing some players.

All players can do right now is wait until the developers release a fix for this annoying problem. We all know that getting killed after turning a corner or watching a killcam cam where the enemy is shooting at an empty hallway that we just passed is everything but fun.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox One.

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