5 Letter Words Starting with PAT – Wordle Help and Hints

Needing some help with what words start with PAT?

by Gordon Bicker


Wordle has been a part of many people’s daily life for a long while now and the game’s popularity has continued for its easy-to-access nature and conversation-striking features. Whether you are someone who does a quick Wordle before their morning commute to work or simply enjoys relaxing in the evening trying to guess the latest word; sometimes there are words that can be much more difficult to find. If you are trying to find a certain word beginning with PAT then this Wordle hints article will have you covered with a list of words that do indeed start with PAT!

5 Letter Words Starting With PAT for Wordle

There is a nice selection of words that start with the letters ‘pat’ and the table below will take you through some of these including what they actually mean if you are curious to find that information out for yourself.

Word Meaning
Patch The word patch simply can mean to fix something most of the time. You can be said to ‘patch’ a tire for example. Furthermore, it may also be used in the context of an area of land, such as that ‘patch’ of grass over there.
Paths This will be heard very commonly and can relate to pedestrian footpaths for example.
Patas A type of monkey found within the world. They have a sort of red-colored tail that people will be able to observe.
Patio Commonly associated with a section of a house that is on the outside.
Pater Another word for ‘father’.
Paten A certain type of plate which commonly was crafted with gold or silver.
Patty Usually referred to as being another phrase for a burger. “Are those patty’s on the grill nearly ready?” you might hear someone say.
Pates A Pâté is a particular food, so Pates is just the plural form of this food. However, the word pate can also mean someone’s head so there are a few definitions as always!

As can be observed, there are a lot of choices up for grabs of what the word may be. You will be testing the words beginning with ‘pat’ in no time and through testing the words you will no doubt be able to get the correct word.

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