5 Letter Words Starting with FLU – Wordle Hints

Time to get busy in Wordle once again with these hints!

by Gordon Bicker


Wordle has been a cultural phenomenon of brilliant joy as people rush to complete their daily Wordle each day with the vast array of words that the solution could be. There is always a lot of discussion surrounding the game and people have been taking part in the game for a significant amount of time. Whether you are needing extra hints or simply want to broaden your views on some examples of words that could work great for today then this article will have you covered. Here are some Wordle hints for you that will get you started with getting the word you need.

5 Letter Words Starting with FLU for Wordle

There are a whole lot of words that actually start with ‘Flu’ so be sure to try as many variations as possible from the table that is listed below. These will help you narrow down what the word could be as every time that you enter a word with the correct letters they will be highlighted green. You will be getting closer to that main word in no time!

Word Meaning
Flush There are two main meanings, to become red and hot, particularly with emotion. Or simply to ‘flush’ something such as a toilet to clean it for example.
Flume A flume is generally known as something that water runs through usually in a channel created by people. At amusement parks, you might find some ‘flumes’ to go on with a board.
Flute A musical instrument known to be at least 35,000 years old or even more, that’s certainly a long time!
Fluid Known usually as a type of liquid that flows. A fluid might be water for example or brake fluid.
Fluff Fluff is simply most known as the fibers from soft materials such as cotton or wool. 
Fluty This is usually known as any sound which reminds people of a flute. It is an adjective to describe the sound.
Flump A sound that makes quite a heavy and dull sound. For example, when something is dropped and hits the surface below and makes this type of sound, it can be described as a ‘flump’.
Flung When something is thrown it can be described as being ‘flung’ instead.
Fluke Can mean a few things, especially with colloquial language but generally, a fluke is known as a specific type of worm.
Fluyt This is a Dutch cargo ship type from as far back as the 16th century.

As can be observed, there certainly are a lot of words that you can use beginning with ‘Flu’ to get the main Wordle solution!

Wordle can be played on the web.

- This article was updated on July 6th, 2022

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