A Plague Tale: Requiem – How to Solve the Crank Puzzle in Chapter 2

Time to get cranking with this puzzle!

by Gordon Bicker


A Plague Tale: Requiem is the sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence, a game that was said to be too powerful for Nintendo Switch upon release. Requiem on the other hand is available for Nintendo Switch at this very moment. Of course, many people will be playing through the sequel for excellent reasons. There are a few puzzles in the game that require some thought and one of those is the Crank puzzle. This article will take you through how to solve the crank puzzle in Chapter Two of A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Solving the Crank Puzzle in Chapter II of A Plague Tale: Requiem

First, make your way up to the crank on the top platform with Lucas and interact with it. Right away you will notice rats flowing into the room like lava. Once you have fully turned the crank, you will be able to start gathering the ingredients you need for crafting an ignifer to start a fire. Go along the right side of the room to gather the preservative which will be alcohol. This will be found in a chest on the room to your right.

There will be a hanging animal in this room.  Slingshot the metal chain to occupy the rats below. Shimmy along the wall on the right side by interacting with it. From the next platform, if you look to the northeast on the far side, you will notice another animal hanging with a chain. Slingshot the metal chain here too. With the rats now fully occupied by feasting, you can jump off the platform and make your way to the ladder on the opposite side. Climb up and open the chest. Gather the alcohol bottles from inside and head back to the exit of the room.

Obtaining Sulfur and Starting the Fire

Head to the other side of the platform to enter another room, containing flora about the place. Up on the top right, there will be a chest filled with sulfur. To reach it, climb up the ladder which will be on your left, and then interact with the crank. Hold the interact button to bring the elevator up. You won’t be able to keep the elevator held up to go across. Instead, order your companion to interact with the crank and bring the elevator up. Prompts will be shown on how to do this. When Lucas is holding the elevator up, you can walk over it.

When on the other side, interact with the cart and push it onto the elevator. After this, move off the elevator and order Lucas to stop holding the crank. Now the cart will be lowered to the ground. From here you can push the cart over to the wall with the chest. Climb up and then open the chest to get all of the sulfur you need. Craft the ignifer in the way indicated and then aim and fire at the hanging firepit cage which will now light up and clear the rats out of the room.

Lowering the Central Platform

Now that the fire is lit, you can proceed to the base section of the room again. Hug the left wall and there will be a small open archway on your left. Inside is a firepit that you can aim at with the ignifer. Go into the room — be sure to gather materials from the chests around you — and then look up on the right side of the ceiling. There will be a firepit to which you can slingshot the metal chain loop to bring it crashing down.

Light up this firepit with more ignifer to clear a path from the rats. From here you are now to use your ignifer pot (or craft it) to throw into the rats guarding your path to the ladder. Quickly run across and go up the ladder. Make your way to the crank and begin to interact with it. Lucas will inform you that you need to make your way to the crank on the other side. Be sure to collect materials on your left before you do this.

Jump down to the base area again and craft more ignifer. Light up the firepit under the small archway which you are about to enter. After this, light up the torch on the other side of the room with more ignifer. Before you can make your way over, you will need to throw an ignifer pot into the area of rats closest to you. Run across after and then you can look to the other side. Slingshot the metal chain holding the animal up to distract more rats. Now you can loop around the rats and go up the stairs to your back. Get to the crank and interact with it. Afterwards, make a dash for the elevator by sprinting. You have now solved the crank puzzle and can leave the room.

Similar to A Plague Tale: Innocence’s hidden trophies, Requiem also has a vast number of secrets to find so solving this puzzle fast and efficiently will have you ready to venture forth into the world that awaits you again in no time.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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