All 7 Gold Ball Locations in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Learn where to find all 7 Gold Balls in Like a Dragon Gaiden!

by Marc Magrini
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Players looking for some great rewards should try to discover all 7 Gold Ball locations in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

In a substory that basically amounts to a massive Dragon Ball reference, Kiryu is tasked with finding 7 balls throughout Sotenbori. Some of these are simple to find while others are quite well-hidden, requiring some careful searching. The rewards for finding these balls in Like a Dragon Gaiden are well worth the effort…as long as you know which rewards to pick in the first place.

Gold Ball Locations in Like a Dragon Gaiden — All 7 Locations

It’s recommended that you complete this quest later into your journey. Going as far as the finale chapter or even the Premium Adventure will grant you full access to the open world and the Castle, with no restrictions on whether you can actually access certain balls.

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The first Gold Ball you’re most likely to come across is in the Akame Shop, sold for 777 Akame Points. You can get this even before the “Gotta Catch ’em Balls!” request is available, so there isn’t much of a reason to not get your hands on it as soon as you’re able to.

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You can find another Gold Ball available for purchase in Sotenbori’s Ebisu Pawnshop, available for ¥77,777. It’s a bit pricey early on, but if you’re going for these balls later in your journey, the cost shouldn’t make so much of a dent in your wallet.

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One more Gold Ball can be purchased from Kiss Shot Billiards & Bar, though it costs billiard points rather than money. Simply play a few rounds of billiards, with the One-Shot Challenge offering some lucrative point rewards, and it won’t be long before you have this ball in hand as well.

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The other four balls are found in the open-world areas of Gaiden. In Sotenbori’s river, a boat will occasionally pass under the bridges. If you stand on the pier, you can see a buff man flexing while a spot glows on his crotch. Aim at him and you’ll be able to use your Spider gadget to grab a humorously-placed Gold Ball.

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The other Gold Ball found in Sotenbori is tied to a Stroll ‘n Patrol request. Once you reach Chapter 4, search for a civilian situated by the northern part of the river. He’ll tell you of a mysterious note that directs you to four turtles. These turtles can be found on Shofukucho as decorations for a building, and the ball will be just across from them on a shop awning.

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The last two balls are found in the Castle area. One is found on your left when entering the castle, in a building where a group of provocatively dressed dancers can be found. One of the dancers will have the ball placed in a humorous location similar to the one from Sotenbori’s boat. The dancer is on a conveyor belt, so wait for it to get into position before attempting to grab it.

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The final ball in the Castle is in another suggestive location, being found underneath the statue by the Fighter’s Lounge. Simply look up its “clothing” and you’ll find one more Gold Ball.

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After getting all Gold Balls, you’ll be presented with a choice of reward. The only one you should focus on is eternal life, which will give you 100 of a healing item that outclasses Staminans. Sexy Panties is the second-best reward, granting a golden pair of underwear that sells for 1.5 million yen. But the healing items are worth far more in the long run, even if they won’t sell for nearly as much.

- This article was updated on November 20th, 2023

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