All Classes in Hogwarts Legacy Explained

Seek out those classes and make your name known!

by Gordon Bicker

Hogwarts Legacy players will be attending classes quite quickly after they have started up the game so they may be wondering just how many classes there actually are. While some may be busy rearranging furniture in their room or simply just partaking in some broom flying, others will likely be following their greatest academic pursuits whenever they get the chance. This article will inform you of all classes in Hogwarts Legacy and what they are about.

All of the Classes to Go to in Hogwarts Legacy

There are eight main classes in the game that you will be able to partake in and a class lesson focused on Transfiguration during one of the main quests and this can technically be noted down as a class. The eight specific classes are as follows.

  • Herbology Class — All about plants found throughout the world and you will be able to grow, take care of them, and more during the class. This is a beautifully set class that is great to visit.
  • Astronomy Class — As can be noted from the name, this is the class that focuses on space and planets. This is a subject that is very prevalent even in the modern world, similar to herbology with certain types of Biology subjects.
  • Beasts Class — This class will have you looking at adorable creatures for a while so this is all about how to look after the beasts that you will encounter around the world.
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts Class — One of the most well-known classes in the franchise, this is the class about defending yourself in the vast world of Hogwarts Legacy. Self-defense is vital to survival in some of the most dangerous parts of the game.
  • Flying (Broom) Class — There is also of course a class all about flying with the broomstick in the game and you will be zipping around the castle with grace in no time after you have attended the class for practice.
  • Divination Class — Within this class, you will learn the Descendo spell and it is based on what could be said as prophecy and about foreseeing things that may be on the way to the player character/the Wizarding World itself.
  • Potions Class — Unsurprisingly, this class is about potions and will be vital to you in order to equip yourself with the best potions for anything that you may come across in the world.
  • Charms Class — This class is about all sorts of spells that will let you enhance your knowledge of spells even further.

Are There Any Classes Which Are Less Important Than Others?

Generally, we would recommend that it is worth checking out all of the classes, even the side ones. You won’t be able to miss any of them per se but they are all gorgeously put together. The Astronomy class, for example, may be deemed as “less important” but in reality, it is still a great subject to learn more about even in the Wizarding World. You’ll likely encounter all of the classes in Hogwarts Legacy unless you stop the game during your playthrough at any point or don’t complete the side quest classes.

In the meantime, you can get busy with catching all of the beasts in the experience and enjoying everything about them.

Hogwarts Legacy is available at this very moment for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 10th, 2023