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Discover the ins and outs of Club Management in GTA Online!

by Kara Phillips


GTA Online is home to thousands of missions and quests for players to complete, and they are a great way to gain a little extra cash when caught in a pinch. Club management missions may only play a small part in the grand scheme of the game, but any avid partygoer will want to prioritize increasing the popularity of their place. So read on to find out the ins and outs of Club Management Missions in GTA Online.

How to Unlock Every Club Management Mission in GTA Online

Club Management Missions are essential for players looking to maintain their establishment’s popularity, and they vary in difficulty depending on which mission you take on. Club Management Missions can be accessed via a computer, where you can select tasks from Tony Prince or Lazlow Jones. Completing each mission will return various rewards, including cash in hand and popularity bonuses.

From time to time, the player will receive a call from English Dave regarding a DJ’s special request. Completing these missions will reward the player with 2000 RP and increase the club’s popularity. So naturally, the higher the club’s popularity, the higher the daily profit.

In total, there are twenty club management missions to complete. So if you’re looking for an easy way to boost the popularity of your place and turn over a little more profit, then this is the best place to start. The tables below list the mission title and a summary of the mission.

Tony Prince: Promote Club Jobs

Mission Title  Summary
Place Posters  The player receives a bag of promotional posters to display at eight locations throughout the city. There is no time limit.
Drop Flyers  The player is given twenty minutes to fly using Tony’s Buzzard to eight locations to drop flyers.
Deliver Supplies The player is given twenty minutes to collect a Mule filled with champagne bottles and deliver it back to the club.
Recover Supplies The player is given twenty minutes to locate a local gang responsible for stealing from the club, recover the truck, and return the stolen goods to the club.
Smash Developer Vehicles The player must damage the vehicles of opposing Construction Developers who are cashing in on the club’s popularity. The vehicles are spread across four locations surrounding the nightclub.
Collect Clubbers The player is given twenty minutes to persuade two customers from other clubs to visit theirs.
Play Music From A Blimp The player must fly a blimp to three marked promotional areas to play the club’s DJ’s music long enough to gain interest from potential partygoers. From the moment the blimp is picked up, the player has twenty minutes to visit all three marked locations.
Destroy Rival Supplies The player must track down four Benson supply trucks and destroy them within a twenty-minute time limit.
Eliminate Drug Operations Tony has received a tip that dealers in the local area are making sales under the name of the nightclub, which is terrible for their image. So it becomes the player’s problem to do something about it.
Recover Photographs The player is tasked with breaking into the paparazzi’s apartment to delete the photographs from the laptop without being caught in the camera’s view.

Lazlow Jones: Promote Club Jobs

Mission Title Summary
Collect VIPs  The player is given two VIPs to collect and deliver back to the club within twenty minutes.
Locate Celebrity The player is sent Snapmatic images by Lazlow, who has a lead on a celebrity appearance. The player must travel to three locations before picking up the celebrity and returning them to the club.
Collect Celebrity Lazlow requests the player to collect two celebrities from different locations across the city.
Rescue Celebrity Lazlow advises the player that a celebrity is being arrested in the city. It becomes the player’s task to hijack the Police Transporter and deliver the star to the club while losing a 2-star wanted level.

English Dave: Help Your DJ Jobs

Mission Title Summary
Steal Equipment The player must acquire a vehicle loaded with music equipment and deliver it to the club while evading threats from the owners.
Collect Friends The player must collect a helicopter and travel around the city to collect three NPCs to deliver back to the club.
Recover the Vinyl The player must recover stolen vinyl from a yacht at the beach, but two armed Seasharks provide resistance and make the task a little more challenging.
Rescue the Friends The player must travel to the location marked on the map and take on gang members to rescue the DJ’s friends and return them to the club.

Marcel: Nightclub Security Jobs

Mission Title Summary
Deliver VIP A VIP has passed out in the club, and the player is responsible for delivering them via Limo to a randomly chosen location. So whether it’s home or a hospital, the player must ensure the safety of the vulnerable VIP the whole journey.
Eject Troublemaker  A problematic partygoer is lingering around the dancefloor in the club, which is signified by a blue circle above their heads. Interacting with them will trigger a cutscene showing the player cracking their knuckles and throwing them out of the club.

Outside of the cash rewards and popularity increase rewarded for each mission, the player also has the opportunity to receive a “Number One Nightclub Hotspot Reward,” given they maintain above 90% popularity for a designated time. The trophy will appear on Tony’s desk as bronze after 2.4 hours, silver after 5.6 hours, and gold after 11.5 hours.

GTA Online is available now on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S.

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