All Earth Landmark Locations in Starfield and How to Find Them

Take a tour of Old Earth with this list of landmark locations in Starfield!

by J.R. Waugh
Starfield All Earth Landmark Locations
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The plot of Starfield may be fictional, but it’s built to expand upon the history and achievements of humankind 300 years in the future. This means there are real Earth landmark locations you can track down in Starfield, so here’s how to find them!

It’s not simply a matter of landing on Earth and tracking them down, either. You’ll need to find corresponding books that give you their locations. With our help, you’ll be able to find iconic Earth landmarks and their corresponding snowglobe mementos!

Where Are All the Earth Landmark Locations in Starfield?

For each landmark, aside from those affected by the main story, you’ll need to collect their corresponding book in Starfield. When you pick up each book, it will open an Activity marker and a location you can find on Earth for the landmarks, along with a marked snow globe you can find.

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Most of these books will be scattered across the galaxy and often are encountered while playing the main story or certain major questlines. We have gathered the Earth landmark locations, and how to unlock them in Starfield below:

Starfield Earth LandmarkLandmark NameBookBook Location
London The ShardOliver TwistSinclair’s Books, Akila City
Cairo The PyramidsThe Ancient Civilization of EgyptSinclair’s Books, Akila City
New York Empire State BuildingOur Lost HeritageMAST Office of the President, New Atlantis
Los Angeles US Bank TowerHope Family TreeHopetown, Ron Hope’s desk
Saint Louis Gateway ArchThe Price of DestinyBenjamin Bayu’s penthouse, Trade Tower, Neon*
Shanghai Shanghai TowerEssentials of Modern MacroeconomicsECS Constant (above Paradiso) in a classroom near the whiteboard
Hong Kong International Commerce CenterMaurice Lyon’s JournalNew Homestead museum shelf, Titan, Saturn
Osaka Abeno HarukasDiary of Kyosuke NagataDelgado’s quarters nightstand, The Key**
Dubai Burj KhalifaRace to the HeavensLarry Dumbrosky’s suite, Siren of the Stars **
NASA Launch TowerNASA Launch TowerN/A, Main StoryN/A, Main Story
Luna The Apollo LanderSir Livingstone’s Second JournalMatteo’s room, The Lodge
MarsThe Opportunity RoverMER Program exhibit NASA Launch Tower***
*Pickpocket Benjamin Bayu for a key. **Only available during Crimson Fleet Questline. ***Missable, found during Main Story.

For most of these, the experience will be breezy one where you quickly pick up the books, but some are easy to miss, while others can be found later. Instances like Ron Hope’s office being locked after a certain questline can happen, but if you complete the Ryujin Industries questline, you’ll regain access.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Be sure to keep a separate save file for this, as you’ll not want to miss some available in the Crimson Fleet questline. Finally, these books can be acquired using the console menu, and getting them still activates their prompts. I recommend finding all the books first and setting yourself up for a fun landmarks tour to prevent too much back-and-forth. Happy trails!

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2023

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