All Flying Type Pokemon Counters and Weaknesses

Leave the ground attacks in the bin.

by Elliott Gatica

When it comes to type matchups like weaknesses and strengths against the various Pokemon types, it’s a bit tough to remember all of them. Especially now since we’re seeing new mons with new type matchings and certain status-negating abilities, remembering weaknesses becomes that much more difficult. With that said, these are all flying-type Pokemon counters, weaknesses, and other tidbits you need to know. Especially with Pokemon Home coming soon to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, this will come in handy.

All Flying Type Pokemon Weaknesses 

Since there are a bunch of different paired types with flying, we will list more than just what this one type is weak to, so here are the following weaknesses:

  • Flying – Electric, Ice, Rock
  • Flying/Normal – Electric, Ice, Rock
  • Flying/Fire – Water, Electric, Rock
  • Flying/Water – Electric*, Rock
  • Flying/Electric – Ice, Rock
  • Flying/Grass – Fire, Ice*, Flying, Rock
  • Flying/Ice – Fire, Electric, Rock*, Steel
  • Flying/Fighting – Electric, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Fairy
  • Flying/Poison – Electric, Ice Psychic, Rock
  • Flying/Ground – Water, Ice*
  • Flying/Psychic – Electric, Ice, Rock, Ghost, Dark
  • Flying/Bug – Fire, Electric, Ice, Flying, Rock*
  • Flying/Rock – Water, Electric, Ice, Rock, Steel
  • Flying/Ghost – Electric, Ice, Rock, Ghost, Dark
  • Flying/Dragon – Ice*, Rock, Dragon, Fairy
  • Flying/Dark – Electric, Ice, Rock, Fairy
  • Flying/Steel – Fire, Electric
  • Flying/Fairy – Electric, Fighting, Poison, Rock, Steel

Any strong types listed with an asterisk (*) mean that they deal 4 times more damage as opposed to the double supereffective type. This can be used to your advantage when going up against Pokemon with a double weakness. 

When it comes to battling other flying Pokemon, it’s good to know that ground moves universally do not work against them. They naturally have Levitate in their kits, so things like Earthquake and other moves like Mud Slap won’t work.

Lastly, you should know whether or not your opponents’ Pokemon are focused more on a certain stat like HP, Attack, Defense, and so forth. It would be a pain to use something like a physical-attacking Pokemon like a Pawmot against a Corviknight which has a strong Defense stat. Using something like Skeledirge would make more sense as it can exploit this example Corviknight’s low Sp. Defense stat.

Study up on what Pokemon can possibly excel in so you won’t go scrambling mid-match to find out what certain flying types can do to protect themselves and beat you out of the competition!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on December 20th, 2022

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