All Luglox Chest Locations in Deep Jungle in High on Life

Why did the pirate put pants on his treasure... To hide his booty!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering where all Luglox Chest locations in Deep Jungle in High on Life are? We don’t blame you because Luglox Chest locations provide valuable loot that will help you complete the game, but they are easy to miss and sometimes tricky to open. On top of that, most levels require that you use guns and their upgrades that you won’t unlock until later in the game. The Deep Jungle requires you to unlock Squeezy and Creature to open all Luglox Chests. With that said, if you have done so, then fear not, galactic traveler! Here are all Luglox Chest locations in Deep Jungle in High on Life.

All Luglox Chest Locations in Deep Jungle in High on Life

There are 34 Luglox Chest locations in Deep Jungle in High on Life. We have compiled the locations and instructions to find them in one big path to make it as easy as possible.

Luglox Chest #1


You will find this chest underneath the giant tree in front of the portal.

Luglox Chest #2


This Luglox Chest is on a ledge above a red shipping container. You will find this by going right on the bridge and then jumping across the mushrooms.

Luglox Chest #3


Head back towards the bridge and take a left this time. You will find it sitting on another ledge next to the green river.

Luglox Chest #4


While facing the #3 Lublox Chest, turn to your right and traverse up the cliff. The fourth Luglox Chest is sitting on another ledge, as shown in the above picture.

Luglox Chest #5


After opening #4, head to your right, traverse down the tree to its base, flip around, and shoot the fan plant switch to your right. This will allow you to climb to the fifth Luglox Chest on the left.

Luglox Chest #6


After opening #5, flip around and find the path to your right. Climb the ledge, and the sixth Luglox Chest will sit in the open.

Luglox Chest #7


Continue down the path, and you will see a cave across from the path. Head inside the cave, and you will find the seventh Luglox Chest inside.

Luglox Chest #8


Proceed through the cave and find an opening to your left. Traverse up it and then exit the cave. You will find the eighth Luglox Chest sitting in the open.

Luglox Chest #9


After opening #9, flip around, head left, and drop down the ledge. You will keep heading straight until you find the ninth Luglox Chest on the other side of the green river.

Luglox Chest #10


Cross back over the river and head to your left. You will find the tenth Luglox Chest sitting across a gap on a ledge. There is a tree with two fan plant switches that you will need to trigger to reach it.

Luglox Chest #11


After opening #10, you will want to flip around. Head to your right across the gap until you hit a wall with a fan plant switch. Follow the wall, and you will find the eleventh Luglox Chest squeezed into a little nook on the wall.

Luglox Chest #12


Flip around and head straight across the cavern (you’ll see the growing red web). Once you have reached the other side, travel straight until you reach a patch of blue flowers. Continue a bit further, and you will find the twelfth Luglox Chest.

Luglox Chest #13


Flip around and head straight until you reach Moplet Village, where you will find it sitting on a ledge in the open.

Luglox Chest #14


Turn to your right and head deeper into Moplet Village. The fourteenth Luglox Chest is sitting on a ledge to your right. There will be a zip line and a glowing red circle you can use as landmarks.

Luglox Chest #15


Drop down from the ledge where you opened #14 and head through the big doors into the Mine Outskirts. Follow the path until you reach a shipping container on your right and yellow barricades on your left. Head through both of these and climb the ledge. From here, you’ll want to head straight until you find a wall in a green river with purple crystals. Jet pack over to the wall and use your knife to traverse the wall to the right. Once you reach the end, you’ll jet pack off and use the knife again to swing off the bugs to another platform. Once you reach the platform, turn right and jet pack to the final platform, where the fifteenth Luglox Chest sits.

Luglox Chest #16


Head straight from 16 and drop down to the cavern (the purple building should be on your left). Once you drop down, head to your right, where a group of fan plants is blocking the entrance. Go to the right of the entrance, and on the bottom fan plant, you can see the switch through a gap. Shoot it, and the fan plants will disappear, allowing you to proceed. Keep heading along this path, climb the cliff, and you will find the sixteenth Luglox Chest.

Luglox Chest #17


Return the way you came and head through the canyon until you find a bridge on your right side. Use the jetpack to access the bridge. While standing on the bridge, you will see a fan plant switch across the way. Shoot it, drop it down from the bridge, and then follow the vine to where the fan plant leads. You will find the seventeenth Loglux Chest sitting on a platform.

Luglox Chest #18


Shoot the platform behind 17 and walk on it. Shoot the second platform and then follow that around to your left. Use your jetpack to follow back over to the bridge again. Go to the bridge, cross it, and head to your right. You will find the eighteenth Luglox Chest sitting in a corner.

Luglox Chest #19


Turn to your right after opening 18 and head down the path. Keep heading straight and curve to your left, where you will find the nineteenth Luglox Chest.

Luglox Chest #20


Turn around after opening 19 and head to your right around the wall until you reach the green waterfall. Keep heading right and go down into the river itself, where the twentieth Luglox Chest sits on a ledge at the end.

Luglox Chest #21


Head back down the river and follow it until you reach a bridge. Jetpack up to the bridge and turn right. Climb the cliff, and you will find the twenty-first Luglox Chest sitting underneath a set of stairs.

Luglox Chest #22


Turn around after opening 21, drop down to the bridge, and cross it the other way. Keep heading straight until you see a bridge to your left and a small building to your right. Jetpack up to the cliff and then head down the path that leads you between these two landmarks. Continue straight through the cavern until you see two wasps leading to a wall with purple crystals. Traverse all three obstacles and jump across the lake to the other side. Turn left, head straight down the path (you will see a red shopping container on your left), and leave the mine area into Moplet Village. Once in Moplet Village, head to your right and down the wooden path to a group of houses underneath a giant tree. You will find the twenty-second Luglox Chest sitting in the tree.

Luglox Chest #23


After opening 22, walk straight and drop down from the platform. Head straight until you find another grouping of houses sitting on the bank of another green lake. You will find the twenty-third Luglox chest sitting on a table to the left of the houses.

Luglox Chest #24


Turn around and continue heading down the path. You will find one of the stations where you found a warp disk sitting in a river of green. Cross the river using the station and head towards the small cavern to your right. You will find a fan plant switch on the wall. Trigger it, climb the fan plants, and then swing to your right using the wasp. Turn to your left and shoot the fan plan switch, so they no longer block your path. Jump across and head to your right. Climb over the waterfall using the two wasps and on the entrance in the wall. Head towards the rightmost raised platform and shoot it from behind. This will flip the platform and reveal the twenty-fourth Luglox Chest.

Luglox Chest #25


After opening 24, use your jetpack to cross the river to the next platform with all of the red trees surrounding it. Across this, you will find another shootable platform attached to the wall. You need to bounce your shot off the wall to knock the platform down. Once down, you will want to jump onto the lowered platform and then use your knife to repel down the zipline leading into a cave. You will need to shoot additional platforms as you are repelling to continue deeper. Once you reach the end of the zipline, you will find purple crystals on the wall to your left. Follow these as you climb the side of the mountain. Continue to follow the path of the purple crystals until you reach the end, and then jump down. Keep hugging the mountain wall and follow until you find the twenty-fifth Luglox Chest sitting on a ledge to the right of a green waterfall.

Luglox Chest #26


After opening 25, turn around and head back the way you came. You will eventually see a series of mushrooms growing out of a wall with the Twenty-Sixth Luglox Chest sitting on top.

Luglox Chest #27


After opening 26, turn around and head back across the river. You will see a wasp with purple crystals on the wall behind it. Use these to traverse; at the end of the purple crystals, you will see another zip line. Repel using the zip line and shoot the platform as you approach it. Once you reach the end of the zip line, you will find the twenty-seventh Luglox Chest sitting on a red shipping container on your left.

Luglox Chest #28


After opening 27, turn around and repel in the opposite direction using the zipline you just came in on. You will be dropped off in an area with many bridges and platforms. Climb the stairs and enter a ground-level building. Once you are through it, you will see the green lake the buildings are sitting in. You are looking for a spinning fan attached to one of the buildings. The twenty-eighth Luglox Chest is inside the spinning fan compartment.

Luglox Chest #29


After opening 28, head out of the fan and climb the building across the lake. Turn around and then climb the building across from you. Once on this building, turn to your right and head up the ramp with a purple light. You will find the twenty-ninth Luglox Chest sitting against the railing.

Luglox Chest #30


After opening 29, flip around until you see the yellow rechargeable sitting in a chest. You will want to jetpack over the ledge and head toward the pipes. You will find a zipline that you can use to repel to the roof of a building with the thirtieth Luglox Chest.

Luglox Chest #31


While facing 30, go to your left and drop down from the building. Flip around immediately and go inside the building. Head down the ramp to the ground level, turn right at the ramp, and you will find the thirty-first Luglox Chest underneath that ramp.

Luglox Chest #32


Leave the building and turn left, where you will come across the rainbow path, the location of the thirty-second Luglox Chest.

Luglox Chest #33


Jump back onto the path and continue (you will be heading away from the shop). Keep heading straight until you are back in the jungle. You will see purple crystals on the wall above you. Use them to traverse until you reach a platform where the thirty-third Luglox Chest sits behind a rock.

Luglox Chest #34


After opening 33, turn around and jump down, where you will find a cave entrance. Continue into the path and head to your left, where you will find the thirty-fourth and final Luglox Chest sitting next to an orange cylinder.

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- This article was updated on January 9th, 2023